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MKKomplete - ClayFighter 63 1/3 (1997) - Move List/Bios - Universal - Nintendo 64
ClayFighter 63⅓ (1997)
Move List/Bios - Universal - Nintendo 64
Bad Mr. FrostyBlobBonker
Kung PowT-HoppyHoungan
TaffyEarthworm JimIckybod Clay
Sumo SantaDr. KilnBoogerman
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Last Updated: 01/01/21
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
B = Back/High Block
F = Forward
UB = Up+Back
UF = Up+Forward
DB = Down+Back/Low Block
DF = Down+Forward
B D F U = Light arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
WP = Wobbly Punch
FP = Fair Punch
BP = Brutal Punch
WK = Wobbly Kick
FK = Fair Kick
BK = Brutal Kick

P = Any Punch
K = Any Kick
Nintendo 64:
WP = B
FP = C ←
BP = C  ↑
WK = A
FK = C  ↓
BK = C →

Super Moves:
Can only be performed if your Super Meter is filled to at least level one.
Note: To use a second color, press FK instead of WK when selecting your character.
* = A difference exists with the particular move between 63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut, usually a different input.
[63⅓] = Move/Character only available on Clay Fighter 63⅓ version.
Selectable Characters:

Bad Mr. Frosty Bad Mr. Frosty
After the plane wreck, which landed him on the isle, Bad Mr. frosty is trying to change his ways. He was once a frozen hearted menace.
He soon finds out that Sumo Santa is lurking around Klaymodo isle, Frosty knows Sumo is never up to any good, it is up to Frosty to find Sumo and stop him.
Little does Frosty know there is a much bigger threat and his name is Dr. Kiln!
Unique Attacks:
Toss: (B/F+BP) (Close)
Snow Cone Hold: (F+FP) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - "Call me Daddy": (L+R+WK)
*Taunt #2 - "Hat Trick": (L+R+WP)
Special Moves:
Snowball: Hold-B, (F+P)
Ice Pick: D DF F P
Ice Bash: D DB B P
Blizzard Kick: F D F K
*Snow Blower: Hold-B, (F+K) [63⅓]
Super Moves:
Frozen Frenzy: D DB B, B DB D DF F K
Hurricane Flurry: D DF F, D DF F K
Spin Kicks: F DF D DB B, F K
Snow Cone Squeeze: B D D F L (Close)
Torso Kick: F D B B (Close)
Ice Smash: D B D B D (Close)
*Kick Off: D D D (L+R) (Close)
*Top Hat Smash: D D F R (One Step Away)
Blob Blob
After surviving a plane crash that placed Blob on Klaymodo isle, he ventured forth into parts unknown of the mysterious island. What he doesn't know is that a deadly surprise is waiting for him.
Unique Attacks:
Eat & Spit: (B/F+FP/BP) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - "I'm all pumped up!": (L+R+WK)
*Taunt #2 - "I win": (L+R+FK)
Special Moves:
Buzzsaw: Hold-B, (F+P)
Cannon Shot: D DB B P
Multi-Punch: B D B P
Glove: F D F P (Combo Breaker)
Plane Dive: F DF D DB B K
*Hammer Charge: Hold-B, (F+K)  [63⅓]
*Chomp: D D BP
Super Moves:
Punch Combo: D DF F, D DF F P
Leaping Axe: D DB B, D DB B P
Spinning Axe: D DB B, D DB B K
Meat Grinder: D D D L (Close)
Hammer Uppercut: D DF F R (Close)
Bomb Blast: B D F R (Close) [Tap Rather Than Roll]
Tank Attack: D D B F BP (Outside Sweep)
*Inflate: D D F F D (Sweep)
*Ear Chomp: L, D D F R (Close)
*Hammer Smash: L, R, D D (Close)
Bonker Bonker
After seeking the help of a mental health professional, Bonker decided to take a vacation.
He went to the quiet island of Klaymodo seeking rest and relaxation. What he doesn't know is that rest will be the last thing he gets.
Unique Attacks:
Toss: (B/F+FP/BP) (Close)
*Taunt - "Big Top": (L+R+WK)
Special Moves:
Fifi: D DF F P
Ferris Wheel: D DF F K
Merry-Go-Clown: D DB B K
*Mallet Punch: D D P
*Fist Charge: Hold-B, (F+P) [63⅓]
*Flip Kick: Hold-B, (F+K) [63⅓]
Super Moves:
Super Fifi: D DF F, D DF F P
Big Top: D DF F, D DF F K
Rising Kicks: D DB B, D DB B K
Head Butt: F F F (Close)
Seesaw Launch: F B B F (Close)
Cannon: D D D D (Close)
Exploding Barrel: F D F (Sweep)
Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim
Vacationing on Klaymodo after all of his wacky adventures, Earthworm Jim finds himself in a quandary once again. He just received word that Boogerman is also taking a vacation. He has to make sure that the booger eater doesn't show him up. He feels that would ruin his superhero image after all, everybody knows that a true superhero is a worm! 
Unique Attacks:
Head Slap: (F+FP) (Close)
Head Toss: (F+BP) (Close)
*Taunt: (L+R+K) (Try Each Kick)
Special Moves:
Laser Shot: D DF F P
Rising Uppercut: F D F P
Nut Punch: (DF+BP)
Flying Kick Thrust: D DF F K
Inflation Ball: D D K
"Eat Dirt!": (D+BK) (While Jumping Back/Forward)
*Elbow Charge: Hold-B, (F+P)
*Jumping Head: D D P (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Mega Laser: D DF F, D DF F P
Rising Air Combo: D DB B, D DB B P
Uppercut Frenzy: D DF F, D DF F K
Worm Propeller: D DB B, D DB B K
Torso Uppercut: B DB D DF F R (Close)
Squish: B F F F R (Close)
Upper off Island: D D B B F F R (Close)
Head Inflation: D F B B L (Close)
*Cow Drop: D D D D (L+R) (Sweep) [63⅓]
Houngan Houngan
Houngan, a native of Klaymodo got word of Kiln's plans. Since Houngan has his own plans of world domination, he has to stop Kiln immediately. After all, what good are shrunken clay heads anyway?
Unique Attacks:
Spin Throw: (F+BP) (Close)
Doll Attack: (F+BK) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - "Jammin'": (L+R+WK)
*Taunt #2 - "Head Spin": (L+R+WP)
Special Moves:
Chicken Toss: D DF F P
Crawling Fingers: B F P
Running Smash: Hold-B, (F+K)
Glide: D DB B K (Also in Air)
Flying Kicks: F D F K (Combo Breaker)
Air Dive: D D K (During Jump)
*Jumping Smack: D D BP (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Chicken Lickin': D DF F, D DF F P
Demented Spin: D DB B, D DB B K
Graveyard Shift: F DF D DB B P
Chicken: D DF F, F DF D (Sweep) [Roll Rather Than Tap]
Voodoo Doll: B DB D DF F L (1/2 Screen)
Hands of the Dead: D D F B R (Sweep)
*Dissolve: D D D L (1 Step Away) [63⅓]
Ickybod Clay Ickybod Clay
After being exiled from "C2: Judgment Clay", Ickybod Clay went to Klaymodo isle. Despite his temporary happiness, trouble seemed to follow him everywhere, he learned that some of his friends and foes were also on the island. Feeling bitter and betrayed, he feels its payback time!
Unique Attacks:
*Throw: (B/F+BP/BK) [63⅓]
*Taunt - "Scare": (L+R+WP)
Special Moves:
Head Toss: D DF F P
Boo-Hoo-Ken: F D F P
*Teleport: F D F K
*Spinwheel: Hold-B, (F+P) [63⅓]
*Upward Wheel: F DF D DB B FP [63⅓]
*Ghostly Bash: Hold-B, (F+K) (Also in Air) (Combo Breaker) [63⅓]
*Bat Toss: B D B FP [63⅓]
*High Bat Toss: B D B BP [63⅓]
*Low Bat Toss: B D B WP [63⅓]
*Jumping Punch: D D BP (Overhead) [63⅓]
Super Moves:
*Frightmare: D DF F, D DF F K
*Ghostly Bash: D DB B, D DB B WP (Close)
*Teleport Combo: F F B B K
*Vortex Spin: B DB D DF F L (Outside Sweep) [Roll Rather Than Tap] [63⅓]
*Let's Party: D D F B R (Sweep) [63⅓]
Kung Pow Kung Pow
Kung Pow used to be Sumo Santa's personal chef and bodyguard, the repulsive meals he prepared and his lack of kung fu knowledge eventually got him fired.
He was constantly trying to improve his skills in both areas. Unfortunately he always got the two professions cooking and kung fu confused.
Unique Attacks:
Kung Fu Grip: (F+FP/BP) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - Super *Taunt: (L+R+WK)
Special Moves:
"Monkey": D DF F P
"Crane": D DB B P
Spin Kicks: D DF F K
Uppercut Kick: F D F K (Combo Breaker)
Illusion Kick: (F+BK)
Dive Kick: (D+BK) (During Jump)
Crawl: F D B K
*Pan Charge: Hold-B, (F+P) [63⅓]
*Flying Kick: Hold-B, (F+K) [63⅓]
*Overhead: D D P
Super Moves:
Air Knives: D DF F, D DF F P (In Air)
Turbine Kicks: D DB B, D DB B K
Kick Combo: D DF F, D DF F K
Chop Suey: D D F F (Close)
100ft Drop: D D D (Sweep)
Clay Chop: F F F (Sweep)
Pan Catch: F D B D B (Outside Sweep)
T-Hoppy T-Hoppy
A former cute little bunny, T-Hoppy was changed into a mean machine of destruction by Dr. Kiln.
After escaping from Kiln's lab, a confused T-Hoppy wandered the island trying to figure out what had happened while he was Dr. Kiln's prisoner. He has completely changed.
Now he's after Kiln, the only thing running through T-Hoppy's little electro-brain is revenge.
Unique Attacks:
Overhand: (F+BP) (Close)
*Taunt: (L+R+WK) (can hit)
Special Moves:
Jackrabbit: F D F P (Combo Breaker)
Dash Punch: Hold-B, (F+P)
Shock Arm: B DB D DF F FP (Throws If Close)
Bunny Bash: F F (WP/WK)
Power Slam: D DF F (FK/BK) (Close)
Hydraulic Kick: B D B K
Hoppy Stomp: Hold-D, (F+K)
*Jumping Chop: D D BP (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Super Jackrabbit: D DF F, D DF F P
Tracers: D DB B, D DB B P
Super Punch: D DF F, D DF F K (Close)
Stomp: F F F F (Close)
*Hocus Pocus: B B F F R (Sweep)
Taffy Taffy
Back in his circus days Taffy was the sideshow around. Nobody could resist the candy freak. Then, Bonker came along and stole the show. The clown made Taffy jealous. Taffy vowed, someday that he would get back at Bonker.
Recently found out that Bonker had arrived on Klaymodo, Taffy realized that this may just be the moment he has been waiting for.
Unique Attacks:
Taffy Hold: (F+K) (Close)
Back Toss: (B+P) (Close)
Belly Grab: (L+R+K)
Special Moves:
Jelly Roll Low: Hold-B, (F+FP)
Jelly Roll High: Hold-B, (F+BP)
Gum Ball: D DF F P
Bouncing Gum Ball: F D B FK (Bounces High)
Bouncing Gum Ball Low: F D B WK (Bounces Very Low, Then Rolls)
Bouncing Gum Ball High: F D B BK (Bounces To Regular Height)
Twister: D DB B P (Also in Air)
Push Kick: (DF+BK)
Super Moves:
Super Twist: D DB B, D DB B P
Kick Combo: D D B B K
Machine Gun: (Hold P), K
Taffy Twins: D DF F R (Close)
Gumball Drop: D D F F R (Sweep)
Gumball Shot: B F B F (Sweep)
*Roll: D D D (L+R) (Outside Sweep) [63⅓]
Unlockable Characters:

Boogerman Boogerman (Unlockable)
Having recently defeated the vile Booger Meister, it was time for a vacation. He decided to go to the isle of Klaymodo, a wise choice!
Shortly after arriving for his vacation paradise, Boogerman would soon get some bad news. His arch rival, Earthworm Jim was also on the island, just the wet blanket he wasn't looking for.
Unique Attacks:
Squeeze: (F+FP) (Close)
Belly Bash: (F+BP) (Close)
Back Toss: (B+BP) (Close)
*Taunt - "Nosepick": (L+R+WK)
Special Moves:
Loogie Shot: D DF F P
Fart Slide: D DB B K (Also in Air)
Flip Kick: Hold-D, (B+K)
Splash: (D+BP) (During Forward Jump)
*Jumping Punch: D D P (Overhead)
*Fart Slide 2: Hold-B, (F+K) (Doesn't Knock Opponent Down) [63⅓]
Super Moves:
Super Belch: D DF F, D DF F P
Cape Spin: D DB B, D DB B P
Upward Spin: D DB B, D DB B K
Belch: D D D R (Close)
Pass Out: D F D L (Close)
Rocket Blast: F B D B F L (Close)
Flame Blast: D D B B F F R (Sweep)
Flip Kick: B F D D R (Close)
*Toilet Drop D D B B FP (Sweep) [63⅓]
Unlock Boogerman:
At the Character Select screen,
(Hold L), and press U F D B F B on the d-pad.
Dr. Kiln Dr. Kiln (Unlockable)
Having developed his life-long dream of a clay mutagen, Dr. Kiln proceeds with his plans. He's about to unleash his creation on the world then everyone will be putty to his hands.
What he didn't count on was the Clay Fighters. They'll stop at nothing to prevent this global tragedy.
Unique Attacks:
Claw Throw: (F+BP) (Close)
*Taunt: (L+R)
Special Moves:
Fire Beam: D DF F P
Shocker: F D F P (Combo Breaker)
Slide: D DF F K
*Jumping Kick: D D K (Overhead)
*Head Charge: Hold-B, (F+P) [63⅓]
*Kick Charge: Hold-B, (F+K) [63⅓]
Super Moves:
Machine Gun: D DF F, D DF F P
Slide Combo: D DF F, D DF F K
Torso Chop: F F F (Close)
Island Toss: D F B F (Close)
Squeeze: D D D R (Sweep)
X-Ray Machine: B D D F (Sweep)
Unlock Dr. Kiln:
At the character select screen,
(Hold L), and press B, C ←, C  ↑, C →, C  ↓, A.
Sumo Santa Sumo Santa (Unlockable)
Evil Sumo Santa once tried to wrestle control of the North pole away from Bad Mr. Frosty, but failed.
For many years Sumo has lived secretly on Klaymodo Isle, waiting for a second chance to take over the North pole.
This chance may have presented itself when Frosty appeared on the island. If he can defeat Bad Mr. Frosty in combat, the North pole is his once again! All this won't matter unless he also defeats Dr. Kiln.
Unique Attacks:
Stocking Attack: (F+BP) (Close)
Belly Toss: (F+BK) (Close)
*Taunt: (L+R+WK)
Special Moves:
Gift Toss: D DF F P
Belly Launcher: F D F P
Sumo Splash: Hold-D, (F+P)
Cringle Crush: B F P
Chest Thumpin': F D B K
Rolling Kick: Hold-B, (F+K)
Double Cane: P (In Air)
*Jumping Cane: D D BP
Super Moves:
Rolling Chest Thump: D DF F, D DF F P
Bike Kick: D DF F, D DF F K
Sumo Stomp: B B F F K
Double Vision: B B F B (Sweep)
Atomic Drop: D D D R (Sweep)
Unlock Sumo Santa:
At the Character Select screen,
(Hold L), and press A, C  ↓, C →, C  ↑, C ←, B.

Stage Select:
In two player mode, when the versus screen comes up, press C ←/C →, to change the stage you will fight in.

Random Select:
At the character select screen, (Hold L+R) to have the computer randomly select your fighter.

Secret Options Menu:
At the character select screen, (Hold L) and press C  ↑, C →, C ←, C  ↓, B, A, to enable a secret menu in the options screen.

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