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MKKomplete - ClayFighter (1993) - Move List/Bios - Universal - Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis
ClayFighter (1993)
Move List/Bios - Universal - Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis
Move List/Bios:
Bad Mr. FrostyTaffyTinyBlobBlue Suede GooIckybod ClayHelgaBonker
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Last Updated: 12/28/20
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
B = Back/High Block
F = Forward
UB = Up+Back
UF = Up+Forward
DB = Down+Back/Low Block
DF = Down+Forward
B D F U = Light arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
QP = Quick Punch
MP = Medium Punch
BP = Brutal Punch
QK = Quick Kick
MK = Medium Kick
BK = Brutal Kick

P = Any Punch
K = Any Kick
Super Nintendo:
QP = Y
MP = X
BP = L
QK = B
MK = A
BK = R
Sega Genesis:
QP = X
MP = Y
BP = Z
QK = A
MK = B
BK = C
* = A difference exists compared to ClayFighter Tournament Edition
[?] = Could not get to work in either version.
Selectable Characters:

Bad Mr. Frosty Bad Mr. Frosty
Arena: Fort Frosty
Likes: Snow
Hates: Fire
Wants: Winter
Job: Snowplow
Motto: "Chill Out!"
Once a mild mannered snowman, this devious spawn of winter lives for the icy cold of the far north. The good manners of snowmen no longer mean anything to Bad Mr. Frosty. He believes in the cold of winter and little else.
He lives to see an eternal winter, where the snow never melts; and enjoys sharing his keen weather sense with all those around him.
Special Moves:
Hold: BP (Close)
Frozen Fist: D DF F P
Snow Ball: Charge-B, (F+P) (Also in Air)
Ice Ball: B DB D DF F P
Shoulder Charge: B F P
Arial Snowball: Charge-D, (U+K)
Foot Slide: D DF F K
*Flying Headbutt: F, (DF+P)
Big Arm Sideswipe: (Charge-D - 3 sec.), (U+P)
As Bad Mr. Frosty became king of the circus, he moved the big top to his beloved home: the north pole. The attractions forced a certain overweight toymaker and his reindeer out of a job. Kids now look forward to christmas from Bad Mr. Frosty. The end.
Blob Blob
Arena: Blob's World
Likes: Clay
Hates: Hair
Wants: Clay
Job: Claymaker
Motto: "Bounce!"
Once the meteor was done mutating the clay fighters into their present forms, there were bucketfuls of radioactive clay left over. Not wanting to be thrown away like common garbage, the clay rolled itself into one elastic mass. The ball of clay developed intelligence quite quickly and named itself Blob. Studying Goojitsu, Blob has become a force to be reckoned with among the Clay Fighters.
Special Moves:
Hold: BP (Close)
Vertical Clay Stomp: (D+BK) (No damage if blocked, and cannot be used for a Super KO)
Arcing Clay Stomp: F, (DF+BK) (No damage if blocked, and cannot be used for a Super KO)
Clay Spit: D DF F P
Somersault Headbutt: D DB B P
Buzzsaw: Charge-B, (F+P)
*Flying Roundhouse: B F D, (DF+K)
*Slide Smack: B DB D DF F K
After the blob became king of the circus, he discovered the truth of his origin: he was from another planet! Catching the next meteor home, the blob opened a spectacular circus on his home world of Clayterion and introduced the circus to a whole new world. The end.
Blue Suede Goo Blue Suede Goo
Arena: Trample the Ivories
Likes: Music
Hates: Helga
Wants: Guitar
Job: Musician
Motto: "Oh, Baby!"
The radioactive clay meteor has given this middle aged circus freak delusions of grandeur. Once a respected member of the circus his great arrogance has turned the rest of the world against him. Believing that he is the king of rock and roll, he croons to the masses from his porcelain throne; sickening many and scarring the rest.
Taking time off from his busy movie career, he has joined the fight to control the circus. When not doing battle he focuses much of his time on his hair. To him there is nothing cooler than his groovy doo.
Special Moves:
Throw: BK (Close)
Humming Attack: D DF F P
Hair Blade: D DB B P
Hair Slice: F DF D K
Song of Pain: B DB D DF F, B K
Blue Suede Goo immediately moved the circus to Las Vegas when he became king of the circus. Giving three performances every evening, he kept himself happy raising hound dogs. One day, he mysteriously vanished and to this day there have been reported sightings of him in grocery stores across the nation. The end.
Bonker Bonker
Arena: Funhouse
Likes: Pies
Hates: Crying
Wants: Buzzers
Job: Clowning
Motto: "Play!"
A previous employee of the circus, Bonker was caught sleeping under the Big Top when the meteor landed. Once a friendly clown, Bonker has become as hard as clay.
His other motto is to keep them laughing as he pounds them into the ground. This has turned many of his old clown tricks into dangerous attacks. What may have been hilarious to a four year old, now brings other clay fighters to their knees.
Special Moves:
Throw: BK (Close)
Hold: BP (Close)
Pie Low: D DF F K
Pie High: D DF F P
Cutting Cartwheel: Charge-B, (F+P)
Clown Dive: Charge-D, (U+P)
Cream Spray: B DB D DF F P
Ground Aerial Shuffle: B DB D DF F K (Opponent In Air)
Midair Aerial Shuffle: (Charge-U - 1 sec.), K (In Air, Close)
Feet-Forward Butt Dive: (Charge-U - 1 sec.), P (In Air) [?]
After becoming king of the circus, Bonker carelessly spent all of the prize money on squirting flowers and cream pies. If you're lucky, you can still catch Bonker at the circus where he was once crowned king, pulling the same practical jokes as before. After all, he wouldn't have it any other way. The end.
Helga Helga
Arena: At the Opera
Likes: Food
Hates: Salad
Wants: Cookies
Job: Singer
Motto: "Eat!!!!"
From the far north, this Viking woman has earned the title of Valkyrie from her people. She is looking for another arena in which to compete and is planning to take control of the circus. With her Viking heritage has come special powers from the gods. Thor and Odin have granted her abilities no other clay fighter could even hope of mastering. Many of these abilities are to offset her one vice; eating. She lives to eat, and often has a hard time breaking away from a clay salad sandwich to enter the big top.
Special Moves:
Throw: BK (Close)
Hold: BP (Close)
Viking Ram: D DF F P
"Armpit of Doom" Jumping Uppercut: D DF F K
"Val-Holler" Yodel: Charge-B, D DF F P
Valkyrie's Ride: Charge-B, D DF F K
When Helga was crowned the queen of the circus, she received tons of marriage proposals. Finally reaching a decision, she turned down Olaf the stout for Tiny the wrestler. Their eight hyperactive kids became the best wrestlers in the history of opera.
Ickybod Clay Ickybod Clay
Arena: Haunted House
Likes: Night
Hates: Day
Wants: Night
Job: Fright
Motto: "Run!!!"
Every circus has its share of ghost stories; the lion handler who didn't train his cats enough, or the clown who never came out of his little car. The coming of the clay meteor brought one of these haunts back from the ethereal plane and gave him substance. This circus ghost, Ickybod Clay, has come to rule the circus for those who are halfway between our world and the next.
While existing in our world, Ickybod Clay is able to tap the ethereal plane for power.
Special Moves:
Throw: BK (Close)
Hold: BP (Close)
Ecto Ball: D DF F P
Ecto Punch: F, (DF+P)
Dart Dive: Charge-B, (F+P) (Also in Air)
Teleport Left: (QP+QK) (Also in Air)
Teleport Middle: (MP+MK) (Also in Air)
Teleport Right: (BP+BK) (Also in Air)
Big changes were demanded when Ickybod Clay became king of the circus. now ghosts perform in the center ring, and haunt audiences of all ages. To this day, Ickybod still rules the circus with a sheeted fist.
Taffy Taffy
Arena: Taffy Factory
Likes: Sweets
Hates: Dentists
Wants: Candy
Job: Candyman
Motto: "Stretch"!
This malleable clay fighter really goes for the clay. Once a simple glob of salt water taffy, he has been transformed into a mean spirited ball of solid sugar. Emerging from the sugary goo which spawned him, Taffy took an oath, "The Circus will be mine, and every clay fighter will require new fillings when I get there."
Taffy's stretchable body allows him to make long range attacks. These moves can surprise opponents who believe they are out of his reach.
Special Moves:
Throw: BK (Close)
Hold: BP (Close)
Taffy Whack Punch: B B F P
Taffy Whack Kick: B B F K
Two-fisted Charge: Charge-B, (F+P) (Also in Air)
Taffy Tornado: B DB D DF F P
Aerial Tornado: F, (DF+P)
Dizzy Fake: D DB B P (Hold P to Extend)
When Taffy was crowned king of the circus, he protected his candy brothers and sisters by closing down the food stands. They all trained hard, and the cotton candy circus became the most loved in the world (except by dentists). The end.
Tiny Tiny
Arena: Coliseum
Likes: Color
Hates: Wimps
Wants: Fights
Job: Flexing
Motto: "Destroy!"
The buffest of the clay fighters, Tiny works out whenever he isn't pounding the clay out of the other players. A member of the WCWA (World Clay Wrestling Association), he truly loves to wrestle and fight. He is not very bright, so he relies on his massive strength to win. He is proud of his physique and will smash anyone who laughs at him.
Special Moves:
Throw: BK (Close)
Hold: BP (Close)
Sucker Punch: D DF F P
Backfist Whip: D DB B P
Medicine Ball: Charge-B, (F+P) (Also in Air)
Arcing Ball: Charge-D, (U+K)
Air Tackle: Charge-D, (MP+MK) (In Air, Close)
Tiny turned the circus into a big wrestling gym when he became king of the circus. Of course, everyone admired Tiny, the champion forever, although not everyone liked the diet of broccoli and water. The end.

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