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Matthew's Story

Matthew Ryan Wilkerson was born on September 23, 1998 in Halifax County Virginia. He weighed 8lbs and 4oz and was 21 inches long. Matthew was such a beautiful baby boy with no hair, not even an eyelash. He looks just like his mother (don't hold that against him lol) At birth the doctors noticed that he couldn't close his eyes completely. He was referred to Duke University Eye Center in Durham NC to see a pediatric eye doctor. There the doctor told us that this condition was rare and she recommended a chromosome analysis to be done as soon as possible. From there we came back home and had him tested here in this small town we live in. His test came back abnormal and we were referred to the Medical College of Virginia Genetics Clinic. It was then we found out he has full *pure* Trisomy 12 P. His original diagnosis is 46XY inverted duplication (13.3-11.2) Which means the short arm (p) of chromosome 12 was broken up and re-attached its self upside down on the same chromosome. The doctors gave us little hope. They told us he would be mentally retarded, he would never walk or talk. Basically they were telling us he would be a vegetable. My husband and myself were totally devastated. I was 26 years old, husband 24 when we heard this news. I was so overwhelmed, but this did not stop us from loving and getting him the absolute best care in the United States!! Matthew sees an eye doctor, ear doctor, GI doctor, Genetic counseling and he will soon be enrolled in a feeding program due to the fact we cant get him to eat well. Matthew is 3 years old, hes now walking with a walker, trying to talk (babbling) and doing things the doctor said he would never do. We have got to be the proudest parents in the world. Matthew is enrolled in an ECSE program at school and he's progressing wonderfully. Also my husband and I are looking for other parents with a child with Trisomy 12P. If anyone reads this and wants to talk privately, feel free to email me whenever you like.

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Jason, Cheryl and Matthew