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The Highways of Virginia US 48 
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US 48
From:I-81, VA 55 EB Strasburg (Frederick County)
To: WV State Line, near Star Tannery (Frederick County)
Total Length: 17 miles
Nationally US 48 currently is posted only on this short Virginia section  
I-81 (exit 296), VA 55 EB: 0 - 0
WV STATE LINE: 17 - 17
Creation: Proposed in 2001 as routing from Strasburg west to the WV State Line.
Adjustments: US 48 was actually signed April 2003 (thanks to Dan F. for this information). No routing adjustments have occurred.
Posting: Fully posted
Comments: US 48 is largely a West Virginia project, which involves constructing a new 4-lane route over to the Elkins area. Supposedly Virginia is not interested in building anything to meet US 48 in WV, but has signed VA 55 as US 48. This is the 3rd US 48 to exist nationally. The 2002 Rand McNally shows two small sections complete. In late 2002 I drove on two actual open sections, signed as US 219 north of Elkins, WV and a short stretch east of Moorefield signed as WV 55. Other parts are actively under construction.
One idea I have would be to route US 48 along SR 628 from VA 55 to Winchester and extend it along VA 7 to Alexandria.

Last Update: 5 July 2004

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