Arturo Vasquez jr.

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The Warning


Arturo Vasquez jr.

1.- At the Poetry Factory everybody’s feeling

the pressure. “The Surgeon General’s

given us a warning”, says Mr. Po Biz

over the loud speaker. “Too much nicotine,

preservatives, saccharine. He says

we gotta cut down. People are dying!”

The factory line stops. Workers wipe

sweaty faces. They stare at the speakers.


2.- Mr. Po Biz straightens his tie and sits

at the table to sample the new line.

Scientists in the lab coats wheel the new

poems in.

                The Loneliness Poems are now fried

in sunflower oil. “They’re so light

and fluffy. Not heavy. No, not heavy

at all,” says Mr. Po Biz.

                 The I Hate

My mother Poems have filters, low tar,

no menthol.

               The packs of Lean Ground

Political Poems now come with new

labels: “Meat is done when all juices

are clear, not bloody. Always wash

thoroughly after handling uncooked



3.- Mr. Po Biz watches the factory floor

from his office window. Things have been

cleaned up. The workers wear goggles,

plastic work suites, rubber gloves. He sits

back in his leather chair and lights a cigar.


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Escritor mexicano

 Nació en San Antonio, Texas. hijo de Arturo Cásarez  y  Enedina Vásquez, escribe poesía y participó en la 1ª edición de Letras en el Borde, celebrada en mayo de 1998, en Laredo, Texas y Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.