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Lead & Follow Farm

As of yet, "Lead & Follow Farm" is really more of a fantasy than a reality. It currently consists of 2 ponies, Cricket ("Wish Upon a Star", 2001 Chincoteague) and Ellie ("El Baletnica", 1998 Polish Arabian). They are in different levels of their training at this point, but they are both coming along nicely.

As the years go on, I hope to develop Lead & Follow Farm more fully. Stick around to see what happens.

Why "Lead & Follow"?
I am a student of ballroom dancing. In dancing, lead & follow is an essential building block -- it's how you communicate with your partner. Learning to dance has given me great insight into the communication between horse & rider. In riding, I lead. In dancing, I follow. It has given me a whole new appreciation for the need for effective communication with my horses, and has helped me to understand so many basic training issues.

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