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I'm glad you've stopped by my little corner of the internet.  I've designed and redesigned these pages many times, but I still don't have everything I want up.  I'm beginning to think that a webpage is one of those never ending projects.  Just when I have things the way I want them, I run across new stuff that I want to put up.  Right now, my site is mostly quilting information, as that was my main interest when I started the page.  However, there are other things I do that I'd like to share, and there are things that I'd like to say to those of you who visit me.

So, let me explain where the little buttons over there will take you.  The About button will eventually take you to a short bio page about me. Well, it will when I get the page written.   The Diary page will take you to an index of my essays. Feel free to read them and agree or disagree as you choose.  The Freebies button will take you to an index page where you can access my quilt patterns and quilting lessons.  The Furry One should actually be "Furry Ones," since the page has a few pics of a couple of my critters.  The Linkage button, obviously, takes you to my link pages.  The Photos button will let you look over some pictures of a few of my quilt tops.  I really need to take more pics, as I've finished several tops since these were taken.

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