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HappyGirl120566's Weight Loss page   


It's not ALL about the scale, and yet...what a difference a year and a half can make on a program that works...IF you work it.  In the last year, I've made a lot of progress on my weight loss journey, I've learned a lot about myself, and I'm down 84 lbs from where I was January 14, 2004!

I consider my journey on Weight Watchers to be a lifestyle change, not a diet, diets have an end and this way of eating and living doesn't have an end, only a beginning.  A big Thank You to my leader, Laura, and to the folks on the 100 plus board; without you, this would not be possible. 

I thought I was beautiful before I started losing weight, and I was.  I just weigh less now.  God bless and good luck on your journey, may it lead you to a realization that you ARE beautiful!!

The flowers were beautiful in Hawaii  12/28/03 Wow, at my wedding 5/7/05, my dress was too big! 86 lbs down
Summer of 2003 in Paris  7/14/03 All dressed up for a night of dancing at Wild Squad IV 8/13/05

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