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March 2, 2005:   I finally got around to filling my kid advisor requests for some 'not boring' groovy and bold and bright walls and floors and some glass block tiles in traffic light bright and pretty pastel colors. Find them in interiors 3 and in the egroup. New bedding is in newer objects, and this moss bog that looks better in game and some vegitation terrains.
moss bog, 3 parts to terrain

Remember to use them like paint, a little of this and a little of that to blend and make the groundcover.
03-01-05: More bedding and coordinating walls, floors at egroup Elstone Sims 2 Designs Egroup

Old files are file share ok.

   Newer Bedding
   More Objects are here: Elstone Sims 2 Designs Egroup
      Walls-floors to match objects: Elstone Sims 2 Designs Egroup
   Older Bedding and painting

      MOSS BOG and some Terrains
      Playground poured cement floors
      Children's Request: Bold, Bright, Dramadic decor and
      Glass tile walls in pastel and stoplight brights.
      Wild and Natural, Decorative borders and wainscotting,
      marble floors and natural floring.
      Rococo panels and carpet, 'anywhere' tile sets,
      Pastel Kitchen tile sets, wallpaper plaid bottom sets
      Farmville lg shingle, Victorian scallop, lapboard siding
      meditation walks, gothic black-stone, patterned cement.

   Eyes 1
   Eyes 2

   Islands*moved to Elstone Sims 2 Designs Egroup
   Lakes*moved to Elstone Sims 2 Designs Egroup

LOTS are on: Elstone001's My Sim Page
   Historical mid-Atlantic USA houses
   Sizes: starter homes to BIG for oversized family.
   Artist Colony community lots and homes.
   Maxis removes any not rated higher than 3 stars after 3 weeks.

MAKEUP: Moved to:
   Elstone Sims 2 Designs Egroup


The official Sims 2 site
   FAQ's, Bulletin Boards for help on custom content and troubleshooting.

   Program to decompress .rar and .zip files and help using it.

A program that decompresses .zip files.

Neighborhood 99 bboard, friendly skilled people with suggestions and hints on Sims 1 and 2. It is where I go when I don't understand how to do things! And they have a file-share friendly section.

1. Houses with no hacks or downloads included are found on the Sims Exchange, search for Elstone001. They are up only for 3 weeks or so unless rated by visitors.
2. Credit for expanded Screenshots of Neighborhood Terrains goes to

Mod The Sims 2.


1. TO DOWNLOAD: Click the picture or link, when a box opens, click on save and download to your desktop or a folder you use for holding downloads.

2. Use WINRAR, or EXTRACT NOW (WINXIP if zip file) to extract the file downloaded. Follow the program directions. Sometimes a download gets interrupted or stopped by a net thingy I don't understand before it gets done. When you try to open the file, it will say it is a BAD ZIP OR RAR FILE. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AGAIN and overwrite the bad file.

3. Put genetic and makeup files ending with .package here, no subfolders.
put makeup and eyes here, no subfolders
Body Shop and Game must not be running. When you start it up again, the new files should be ready to use. Delete things you do not want in the build a sims mode of Body Shop.

4. Put the 4 Terrain files ending in .png and .sc4 here, no subdirectories.
Game and bodyshop must not be running. When game is started, the new terrain should be ready to use.

5. Lots come in self extracting .sim2pack files. Make sure the game is not running. Put the .sim2pack file in the packaged lots folder. Doubleclick the .sim2pack file to put the lot files in the teleport folder. Start the game and it will move the lot into the lot bin, you can look there to make sure it installed.. Install ONLY ONE AT A TIME. Close the game, look in the teleport folder, if a game bug has left any files in there, delete them. Repeat process for each lot

6. Walls and floors and if I ever get nerve to post BETA furniture recolors: make an elstone folder and put all the package files into it.
make an Elstone folder, put .package files of walls, floors, recolors in it.

Please share old files but do not post
to other sites without permission.
NO direct linking to images or files. Thank you!

Click here to email Elstone, remove the # from the email addy, it is there to help block virus
remove the # used to help block viruses from address.