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Equipment list for the aspiring 2nd Dragoon/Cavalry Reenactor

A sad tale...

Listen my friends and you shall hear, of the shopping tale of a "reenacteer".

One pistol would do but two were more fun, now not enough money left for the carbine, just one.

The coat was too heavy kinda like a blanket, and the dye turned all purple when the sun it had baked it.

The saddle you know had a fiberglass tree, and the "authentics" made mirth and laughed at it with glee.

His heart it was golden and desired to do right, but the rush to buy stuff created a blight.

The next time he shops will be with more wisdom, some friends with the knowledge will help the decision.

Yes it's happened to more of us than we wish to admit.  We look on those early mistakes and wish we could Hang 'Em High.  It's better to go slow and get it right than waste time and a Fist Full of Dollars rushing to get all that great stuff you thought you saw the other guys using, when For a Few Dollars More you can do much better in the authenticity of your gear and clothing.  It's all out there, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and we're here to help you sort it out.  That way, you won't be branded a FARB, or Josey Wales type.

Now let's not get too tied up in knots either.  We are not a hard-core authentic unit.  We strive more for functional excellence than material perfection.  We typically get labeled by hobbyists as a "Mainstream" unit.  While this label works for some, it leaves much unclear.  We intend to work toward a good to better material impression using well made clothing and equipment.  We encourage all members to start at good mid-quality level and work up from there.

DON'T BUY ANYTHING WITHOUT TALKING TO US FIRST.  Expect to spend from $3,000 to $4,000 to get started, assuming you already have horse and transport for it.


Complete Uniform and Equipment definitions and requirements

 Part I.  Uniform and Clothing




Overcoat (optional, cold weather use only)

Shirts, under garments, and etc.:



Part II             Accoutrements and Weapons



Ordnance reports show the Second Dragoons/Cavalry carried Colt’s .44 "Army" pistol, Sharps’ 1859/1863 Carbine, and 1840/1860 Cavalry Sabers throughout the war period.

Part III            Personal Items

Other/Personal Items (underlined are of first priority)

Part IV.   Horse Equipments



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