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The Civilian Side

Reenacting organizations generally define individual membership as being part of one of the many small military portrayal units like ours.  Civilian Reenactors, those portraying a non-military historic role, typically belong to a military reenacting unit to facilitate their activities.  We are no exception.

Our Civilian impression members work hard at portraying Americans of this critical time in history.  These are the people at home supporting, writing to, sending new socks to, serving as nurses or laundresses for, and yearning for the return of, the men in the Army.  They were also men who worked in and around the armies.  Some of our civilian living historians go to great lengths in research and activity to portray these complex, very personal, and vital characters from our history.  Some of the women even take to riding horses sidesaddle to complete their impression and augment our equestrian living history efforts.

We believe there is no point in pretending that you are “portraying” people of the Civil War era unless you make an honest attempt to look and act as accurately as possible.  While none of us will ever be completely authentic we can strive to continue improving our impressions.  Our unit is blessed with some very knowledgeable members.  Please consult with them before purchasing anything.  It can save you LOTS of money in the long run.  For more information about women's Side Saddle activities, see the Victorian Ladies Aside web site.


Women’s Clothing:

The Basics:

Men's Clothing:

Yes, some men in the hobby portray civilians part or full time!  There were private contractors selling to the army, newspaper reporters and sketch artists, doctors and clergymen, politicians, local town and farm people, and numerous others among and around the armies at all times.

A man's basic set of clothing can be obtained from reputable suppliers for about the same cost as a uniform:


Children’s Clothing: