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The Second Cavalry in Art

The Second Cavalry has appeared in several works of art.  Here are a few examples that we like.


From the book, From Everglades to Canon, 1875: What the regiment looked like while in Florida, 1836 -1842.

From the book, From Everglades to Canon, 1875: A temporary experiment with Lances while in Louisiana, 1843.

From the book, From Everglades to Canon, 1875: General Winfield Scott advised Capt. May before they attack and capture the Mexican batteries at Resaca De La Palma, 1846.  Capt. May then says to his squadron, "Remember your Regiment and follow your Officers", and history is born.

Never a Complaint by Don Stivers: The Second Dragoons lead the Mormon expedition across the snow and ice of fall 1858 toward Utah and the assertion of Federal authority in Salt Lake.  Note the orange trim color on their uniforms: official with the 1852 regulations.

Second US Cavalry, 1861 by Don Troiani.  What the Second Dragoons looked like as the war began and they were renamed Second Cavalry.  While the trim color officially became yellow, they were allowed to use up "the existing stocks" of orange trim items, a transition that took another two years to complete.

Duel at Yew Ridge by Don Stivers: The "Old Second" charging Confederate Cavalry on Yew Ridge at the battle of Beverly Ford (Brandy Station VA), June 9 1863.  Capt. Wesley Merritt duels with W.H.F. "Rooney" Lee.

Sergeant's Valor by Don Stivers.  Sergeant Conrad Schmidt, Company K, born in Germany, rescues his regimental commander, Capt. Theophilus Rodenbough 19 September, 1864 at Winchester Virginia whose horse was killed and his right arm.  Sgt Schmidt awarded Congressional Medal of Honor, 16 March, 1896.

A company of Second Cavalry on patrol in France, 1918.

Rescuing the Lippizaners by Don Stivers: Second Mechanized Cavalry Group, herding the Austrian Lippizaner show horse herd away from the oncoming Russian advance, spring 1945.

Tawakalna Sunset by Don Stivers: Second Armored Cavalry, Operation Desert Storm 1991.

Three questionable looking fellows, November 16, 2003 at Gettysburg PA.