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About us, the Company H, 2nd US Cavalry Reenactors

Presenting a dynamic, live presentation of Cavalry during the American Civil War, we use recreated uniforms, weapons, saddles and equipment as well as the drill, tactics, and living conditions of the American horse soldier.

We present a memorable experience for our members and the public at large through participation in Living History, Battle Reenactment, and Tactical Exercises and Competition events throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our membership, with experience going back 20 years, hails mostly from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania although we welcome participants from a wide region.

Our primary focus commemorates the United States Regular Army unit with the longest continuous service: the Second Cavalry Regiment.  We feel a profound sense of pride, duty, and privilege to represent a part of their history.  We can never repay them for their service and sacrifice.

Our unit also serves as part of the "Cavalry of the Potomac" (CoP), which includes other federal cavalry units in the Mid-Atlantic area and attached under the Federal Volunteer Brigade.  Mounted and Dismounted units are welcome.  Contact us for more details.

We hope you will visit our horses and us in the field to see for yourselves the extraordinary experience of CAVALRY.  Please see the links above for more information!

Toujours Pret

Flashing hooves and gentle brown eye,

Banner-like mane and tail flowed;.

Patiently bearing my burden,

You - grim warrior on many road.


Serving our cause in dignified quiet,

Your head bowed wearily in the dark;

I cannot repay you as I would,

But remember your heroic work

Army Horse, David Michel, 2004