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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

The Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

(Stenella frontalis)

length: 1.7 - 2.3 m (5.6 - 7.5 ft)
weight: 100 - 140 kg (220 - 308 lb). diet: fish & cephalopods
range: tropical to warm temperate Atlantic Ocean
habitat: inshore, sometimes offshore

A common sight among dolphin watchers, the atlantic spotted dolphin is also one of the best studied. They aren't shy around humans, coming right up to boats and bowriding or even swimming humans. Easily identified from its dark spots, it can nevertheless be confused with its close relative, the pantropical spotted dolphin, especially since the two species' ranges overlap. The main difference is their size--atlantic spotted dolphins are more robust. Also, the atlantic spotted dolphin's spots are more noticable.

Well known for their friendliness, they are still hunted for food in the Caribbean and caught in tuna nets.