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This webpage showcases my 1973 Dodge Charger.  It is also intend to be an information source for other enthusiasts of 1973 Chargers.  I will try to provide information that I find, so that they might benefit from it as I have.  Unfortunately, information seems to be scarce, and many sources are unreliable internet sites, such as this one.  Any information I provide is not necessarily correct, although I will try my hardest.  Thanks for cruising by, and enjoy the site!  -Phil

My Fender Tag, Decoded!

First, some information on my Charger:
The History of this '73 Charger

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1973 Dodge Charger Hardtop
Original Paint:
Bright Blue Metallic (GB5)
Current Paint:
Navy Blue Metallic, White Racing Stripes
5.9L 360 c.i.d. .031 overbore, moderate compression ratio (original was a 318 c.i.d.)
Factory 904 TorqueFlite 3 Speed Auto
Front torsion bar, rear asymmetrical leaf springs
Fuel Capacity:
19.5 Gallons
Aftermarket Extras:
Ram-Charger hood w/shutters (from a '71), chrome exhaust tips (factory), Hurst dual gate automatic shifter, GT Grant steering wheel, Holley Street Avenger 670 c.f.m. 4 bbl carb, Holley cast aluminum valve covers, 9 quart deep sump oil pan, high volume fuel and oil pumps, Rhoads variable duration valve lifters, Competition Cams 280 camshaft, heavy duty valvetrain to match cam, chrome air cleaner lid, JVC CD stereo system, Futura Super Sport GLS tires: 235/60R-15's on front, 275/60R-15's on rear (brand new), and 15x7 Shelby "CAL 500" slotted mag wheels.
Air conditioning, all tinted glass, vinyl bench seats, 26 inch radiator
Performance Chart The previous owner of the engine figured that with mild timing and pump gas (93 octane), this motor could produce at least 250-275 Horsepower, and 300-400 Ft. Lbs. Torque.  More specific information can be seen in the accompanying dynamometer chart based on a 360 c.i.d. Chrysler engine test from a Competition Cams catalogue.  The engine had the following specifications: a stock intake manifold, headers, 650 c.f.m. carb, and the Competition Cams 280 camshaft.  The car, as it stands, does not run at full potential, nor does it have headers, so as I said this is only an estimation.
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'73 Charger and Related Links

This website is an ongoing project.  Feel free to contact me at, AIM screen name "Chargerguy2002" or username chargerguy1973 if you have any questions, comments, or would like your site added to the "Links" section.
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Previously Updated 7/31/03: Gallery

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