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CKK Studios

My name is Cassie and this was my dog Chance, he is a St.Benard mix and is a rescue case. We, had 7 dogs all together, but I recently adopted chance out to a man with lots of room to run and a cabin in the woods for him to play. And The Wolves have been adopted to loving licensed homes as well...You can see pics of them on page two...but here on page one is my CM work and work I have collected...Other pics on my webshots album which can be found through the link near the bottom.My email is thanks and come again!

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My CM Work and Collection Links (and more)

CKKWild Moments
Sold Andy by Terra Pennington, I took this photo, he was soo pretty
CKKAfternewn Excursion
CKKFrom Dusk Till Dawn
CKKMidnight Ice
CKKCaribbean Carnaval
CKK Matched Game
CKK For The Bold
CKKSaturdae Nyte Live
CKKCalifornia Countdown
CKKPinto Pryde
CKKChalkolate Embrace(not for sale)
SOLD CKKSpeckled Spots of Beauty (sold)
My Customizers and collectors eGroup!
Page TWO of my SITE