Names of the USS Alabama Crewmen  

At any one time during the WW II period of actual hostilities, Alabama carried a wartime complement of approximately 2,500 men.  That number being necessary to operate the ship and support itís combat systems.  During the active life of BB60, turnover of personnel resulted in 6,307 men serving the ship in an on-board-for-duty status. 

The USS Alabama Crewmenís Memorial sited aboard the ship in Mobile Alabama depicts the names of all the men that served her over her active life.   Names of the crewmen listed on the memorial were arduously compiled from the shipís deck log and other official Navy and Marine Corps documents.  The Memorial was dedicated on 2 May 1987.  Names were depicted in the same manner (i.e., full first name or initials only) as they appear in those official records.

Names listed herein are a reproduction of those on the crewmen's memorial.  In the interest of rapid access, names are grouped by the first letter of the last names (there were no last names beginning with the letter X).

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