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                 U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation, Washington, D.C.    

The United States Navy Memorial Foundation, founded in 1977, honors all who have served in the sea services and perpetuates their heritage, values and traditions.

Visitors to the memorial, both online and onsite, may view the Navy Log which, records naval service information of present and former members of America's sea services (USN, USNR, USMC, USCG, USMM), living or deceased, in whose names contributions have been made for the continuation of the mission of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. 

Approaching an enrollment of a quarter-million names (and tens of thousands of photos), the Log is on continuous display in the Navy Log Room on the Gallery Deck. The touch of a video screen brings into view the entry for any individual in the Log -- displaying name, branch of service, rate or rank, dates of service, date and place of birth, duty stations and awards, a photograph provided by the sponsor, along with when and where the picture was taken. 

Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile Alabama.

Battleship Memorial Park is the current and final resting place of the Battleship Alabama.  

U.S. Navy Historical Center, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.

The Naval Historical Center is the official history program of the Department of the Navy. Its lineage dates back to 1800 with the founding of the Navy Department Library by President John Adams. The Center now includes a museum, art gallery, research library, archives, and curator as well as research and writing programs. 

SSBN 731 Submarine USS Alabama -- Wikipedia

The currently active USS ALABAMA (SSBN 731) is the sixth TRIDENT class nuclear-powered
fleet ballistic missile submarine, and the fifth United States ship to bear
the name.