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Alabama Reptile Rescue

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Hi, welcome to the Alabama Reptile Rescue's website. I rescue unwanted reptiles within a 50 mile radius of Brewton, AL. The rescue is located in Brewton, AL also. I can usually come pick up your reptile(s) within a day or two. If you have a reptile for the rescue to pick-up email me at .


I no longer adopt reptiles back out but I do occasionally adopt unwanted reptiles. You probablly found this site from one of my cards passed out by petstores. I am updating this site mainly with information on reptile care, especially iguanas. Feel free to email, write, or leave me a message on my cell phone if you have any questions. Also, please check out the donation page.If there is anything you wouldl ike added to the site, please say so!


I have gotten many calls asking about certain information on iguanas, and to make it easier, I added this section to the site. I hope it helps with common problems and behavior with iguanas.

My iguana enclosure is 6'x4'x5'. It houses one adult iguana and when the other one grows bigger they will share the enclosure. The juvinilles are housed in a 3'x3'x4'. The basic supplies you need is one fluorescent UVB reptile lamp and fixture and one incandescent reptile bulb and dome fixture. I usually a 75 watt for the incandescent. Make sure one side of the cage is cooler so the iguana(s) can regulate their body temperature.When choosing a cage, it's nice to have one on wheels, so you can put the iguana(s) outside to get natural sunlight. Make sure they have a shaded part and plenty of water. Don't leave them outside for long hours without supervision. Cages big enough for iguanas are hard to find and are also very expensive, so it's best to make your own custom enclosure. In the future I will provide instructions for several custom cages.You should have shelves placed in the cage for the igs to bask on or either branches and vines. Make sure the branches/vines are as wide as your iguanas body to prevent injuries.

Food should consist of a variety to keep the iguana healthy. A varied diet is VERY IMPORTANT to an iguanas health. Make sure there are at least 5 different veggies and an occasional fruit in your iggie's "salad". At least one kind of green should be in the salad. Some good vegetables are:mustard greens, collards, turnips, yellow squash, green bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, etc.Fruits that are good occasionally (the diet should mainly consist of vegetables) are: Strawberries,bananas, pears, apples, etc. You should chop all the items small enough for the igs to swallow. I have found that most iguanas don't even chew, they just gobble their food down. That's why it's important to chop the food very fine. Make sure you mix the ingrediants evenly in a "ig salad". Feeding should be done in the morning, because iguanas need the light/heat to help digest their foods properly. 1-3 times a week you should sprinkle a vitamin/calcium supplement on your igs salad. Also, to offer variety you can mix a little commercially sold iguana food in the salad. For force feeding, use a syringe filled with a little strawberry ensure or some banana baby food. Make sure there is a water bowl in the cage that is always clean and full.


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