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Welcome ye great lovers of history!!  I'm descended from a member of the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.    To see some of my history pictures, click here.  Here are the flags of their brigade, division and corps.

2nd Brigade (Exactly like the one on the left, but with the Maltese Cross)

First Division (Red Maltese Cross)

V Corps (Symbol: Maltese Cross)

62nd PA Infantry's Battle Record

Hanover Courthouse, VA
Mustered in July 4, 1861 in Pennsylvania. First battle, not more than a skirmish.  Performed exemplary.
Mechanicsville, VA
Reserve position, saw little action.
Gaines Mill, VA
In the thick of the battle.  Took heavy losses at General John Hood's brigade pierced brigade's line.
Malvern Hill, VA
Guarded Army of the Potomac's (AOP) left flank.  Saw minor action.
Second Manassas, VA
(Union Forces)     (Confederate forces)
Arrived from Peninsula after the battle was over.  Saw no action.
Antietam, MD
(Union Forces)     (Confederate forces)
Guarded AOP center at Middle Bridge.  Saw no action.
Fredericksburg, VA
(Union Forces)     (Confederate forces)
Attacked the Stone Wall on Marye's Heights.  Took heavy casualties.
Chancellorsville, VA
(Union Forces)     (Confederate forces)
Guarded Union left, and then the right but only saw minor skirmishing. Light casualties.
Gettysburg, PA
(Union Forces)     (Confederate forces)
Fought in the Wheatfield.  Sustained heavy casualties, and nearly destroyed. 
Wilderness, VA
(Union Forces)     (Confederate forces)
Attacked across Saunder's Field.  Sustained moderate casualties.
Spotsylvania Court House, VA
Attacked on opening day of battle and then held in support role.  Sustained moderate casualties.
Cold Harbor, VA
Held AOP's right flank away from main attacks.  Sustained light casualties.
Petersburg, VA
After covering AOP's crossing of the James, joined in on attack of Petersburg defenses.  Withdrawn off the line on July 4, 1864 being that their term of enlistment was up.

INFO ON THE 62nd?  Please send it to me!

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