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Old Peninsula Movie Theatres

(This page is under construction.)

This site was created at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/11/03:

"Perhaps you would consider adding a new feature: 
Old Movie Theaters in Newport News and Hampton.

"How many of us had our first dates, first hand-holding, first kiss, in those old theaters? 
How many memories are out there that might be shared
... with all due modesty, of course?"

Thanks, Dave!  What a super idea!

This is now a place for you to record your special memories
of times spent at these popular dating places. 
Send your thoughts to:

For a look at Movie Theaters on the Virginia Peninsula, 1925 - 1945, see:

(This site, created by Emily K. Robinson of William and Mary, was also sent to us by Dave Spriggs.)

Thanks again, Dave!

 11/18/03  The James  3100 Washington Avenue  GONE!
   The Langley    
   The Lee    
   The Newmarket    
 04/20/04  The Palace  3114 Washington Avenue  CLOSED - NOW Full   Gospel Church of Deliverance
 11/18/03  The Paramount  3300 Washington Avenue  GONE! - Site now houses Fire Station
 11/23/03  The Village  257 Warwick Boulevard, Hilton Village  CLOSED FOR FILMS - Shows Stage Productions
 11/18/03  The Warwick  3317-19 Washington Avenue  GONE!
 11/18/03  The Wythe  2221 Kecoughtan Road, Hampton  CLOSED - NOW Standing Vacant
01/07/04  The Drive-Ins    GONE!
   Anchor Drive-In    GONE!
 01/24/04  Green Acres Drive-In    GONE!
   Sidney Lust's Drive-In    GONE!
   York Drive-In    GONE!

















Listings from the Monday, June 10, 1963 issue of the Daily Press:

(enlargable in two sections)

Page redesigned at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/23/04
Thanks, Dave!

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Thanks, Dave!