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Class of 1962 Reunion Planning Committee Meeting
Monday, March 4, 2002

Sammy and Nick's Restaurant
Hampton, Virginia
  Pat Floyd Pride
being teased by Jimmy Smith

Class President Jimmy Parker in discussion with Web Master, Brenda Amos Williams

Joe Kelly and
Audrey Dixon Kelly

Brenda Amos Williams, Jimmy Parker, and Pam Wright Owen

Carol Buckley Harty ('65), Jimmy Parker, and Paul Harty

Jimmy Parker, Brenda Amos Williams, Pam Wright Owen, and Jimmy Smith


Jimmy Parker and Jimmy Smith

You are listening to "Once Upon a Time", sequenced by Peter Mooney, courtesy of <>.

Once Upon a Time

from the 1962 Stage Musical, "All American"
~ Music by Charles Strouse and Lyrics by Lee Adams

Once upon a time,
A girl with moonlight in her eyes,
Put her hand in mine,
And said she loved me so . . .
But that was once upon a time,
Very long ago!
Once upon a hill,
we sat beneath the willow tree,
Counting all the stars,
And waiting for the dawn,
But that was once upon a time,
Now, the tree is gone!
How the breeze ruffled through her hair,
How we always laughed,
As though tomorrow wasnít there . . .
We were young,
And didnít have a care,
Where did it go?
Once upon a time,
The world was sweeter than we knew,
Everything was ours,
How happy we were then . . .
But, somehow, once upon a time,
Never comes again!