The things I'll support....all those ribbons& shit and so little space.....Scroll down for my explinations to why I support these things....

normal? Hecate
I wish upon *stars*!

Number1-Prevent suicide- I hate suicide, It rips apart everything, It destorys lives worse that drug use, and I don't give a shit what statistics say, It DOES rip appart familes more than DRUG USE!!!! I still support this even though I am suicidal.
Include the Lyrics!!!_ Ummm I just got KoRns new cd and it took me 3 fuckin Hours to find the lyrics to the song Trash!!!!! Artists should be required to include their lyrics.
Say no to cliques!- Ummm, By this I don not mean interenet cliques, I mean cliques that destroy the lives of so many high school students that become depressed and rejected.
Support skirt wearing Goth Guys- I dunno exactly why,but I like guys in skirts it's ummmm, yeah I know that's weird but fuck what everyone thinks.
No more Stupidity- Ummm.... yeah I guess if you've read my journal you'd know I despise idiotic people.
Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine- I don't believe in God, Jesus, or the Devil, I don't hate people of the Christian Religion but I don't believe it.
Ummmm Yeah same as Above....
The end of the rope one- I just thought that one was hillarious, if taken jokenly.
Support mental health or I'll kill you- Pleeaaaasassssssseeeee???????
Proud to be a Spooky Kid- Yeah I'm a Mansonite, I'm not afraid to admit to it.
Support teen Psychos- We need your respect and your love help us.
Me Conffused!- I am most of the time, that's just me, easily conffused.
Normal People Frighten Me.-Sorry I think it's kinda funny, What is "Normal" anyways?
Hecate- She is the Goddess of true Black Witchcraft.(more later, when I have time)
I'm a wisher- I wish and make things happen!!!!
Tina The troubled Teen- It's just like me!!!!! HAHAHAHA