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The LEZBOS are a SOCIO-POLITICAL BAND with lyrical content focusing on that of SUPPRESSED KNOWLEDGE and OPPRESSION OF THE MASSES. Questioning the unquestionable. RAW, ORGANIC, VEGAN.

What is it all about anyway?

**There has been a corporate/secret society coup of our western governments. Laws are now made by corporations and promoted by the politicians of which they own. The media is accomplice to the dumbing down and coercion of the people to accept their agenda. They are using the contrived threat of terrorism to scare the populace into acquiescing their rights and liberties, all the while using these oppressive laws to subjugate any and all activism across the planet. Terrorism is the new McCarthyism, the new 'Red Scare'. After the Muslims, who will they come for next? They are stealing money from the oppressed peoples and giving it to the most powerful and influential of their ilk. Billions of dollars to the biggest of banks, billions more to the pharmaceutical companies pushing a contrived flu and still more to the global warming swindle which will enrich those who are in on the cap and trade scam. An excuse to tax every living thing on the planet per the CO2 they emit. Organic food, supplements, healthy lighting and the right to have a garden is now being threatened on a worldwide basis by the CODEX. The concentration camps which are now made and sitting empty are awaiting the bugle call of martial law, and further subjugation of the free peoples of the world. 2012 is approaching fast and behind its facade is the New World Order....a one world government ruled by those few who believe it is their right to rule the sovereign with an iron fist. God speed to those who are awake and fighting for truth and justice at this perilous time in our history.**

In no particular order: impending 'forced' vaccinations against the worlds populace for the false flag 'hoaxed' bird flu epidemic(among others),which has been weaponized from the 1918 Influenza virus with toxin laden product and potential microchipping...the product of eugenics and surveillance campaigns. RESIST THE VAX! RESIST THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS!..and LIVE; the extensive 'alien' presence on earth, known to most of the world's governments; time travel made possible in the 1940's; the earth being hollow(as are all planetary bodies, including the moon), and resided in; HIV having nothing to do with Aids; large artificial structures on Mars and the Moon, indicating an ancient culture; preserving the right to bear arms amidst the governments attempts at banning them(Nazi Germany did the exact thing right before they went after the Jews, and the first U.S. gun control legislation was taken word-for-word from the Nazi Weapons Act of 1938, and enacted in 1968 to quell the power of the Black Panthers and other activists); active deep underground and undersea cities and bases; the 'green' movement being used to distract, tax and subjugate, by corporations who don't give a shit about the environment(more environmentalists need to look into 'global warming' alot further and not just jump onto this're being used. Global warming is happening on all the planets. Al Gore is an oilman! See 'Occidental' Oil); massive media censorship and disinformation being used as a propaganda tool to coerce, confuse and divide...high treason; our 2 party state actually only being 1 party, 'Their' party; synthetic scarcity being used to create synthetic value for most of our resources; deadly effects of genetically engineered food; free energy suppression by the oil industry, including engines which run on water; technology suppression that is keeping us artificially in the past atleast a few 100 years, perhaps thousands; the space shuttle being a technological joke compared to the 'flying saucers' the military is currently flying...covertly, courtesy of technology extracted from the third reich and their saucer/free energy program; zero population growth being pushed by a eugenicist agenda; their 'problem-reaction-solution'(Hegelian Dialectic) method of getting what they want from us; animal rights(c'mon fuckers, its about time!); the powerful health implications of an organic, raw vegan diet; chemtrail spraying of our skies to damage our immune systems; most disease(and aging) being the symptoms of an inadequate diet, chemical/metal poisoning and dehydration; bombing of the Oklahoma Federal building to push through the 'anti-terrorism' bill and more currently, the dropping of the World Trade Center to push through the "Patriot" Act, as well as conquer middle-east oil reserves and ultimately turning this world into a hyper-surveillanced, centralised police state...remember, there will never be an end to a 'War On Terrorism' especially when much of it is state sponsored; Bin Laden is just a smoke and mirrors campaign since he has always been a CIA asset(Saddam too); the main use of the Patriot Act to go after 'domestic' enemies and resistance to globalization, or those who would resist the coming Orwellian State; the coming micro-chipped population courtesy of a fear instilled, forced vaccination program; vote rigging in the U.S. for decades; the impending draft to continue the neo-con agenda of restructuring the world and decreasing the numbers of those whose allegiance to their country is an impediment to the overall goal of global centralization of power; concentration camps in the U.S. already operational; the HAARP electro-magnetic weapon in Alaska with mind & weather control applications; New World Order/globalist politics; a world corporate dictatorship now in control of most governments; the handful of 'elite' families, beyond the corporations, who actually are running the world as we know it through secret societies and shadow governments; Rampant eugenics programs in the states which backed the human genome project, impart, to discover genetic weaknesses of each race which did lead to race specific weapons; suppression of cancer cures and most other cures to perpetuate a sick medical industry(now controlled by the petro-pharmaceutical cartel) and a thriving eugenics program controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, among others; vaccinations being utterly damaging to the immune system and the impending forced vaccinations in response to the bird flu hoax or some other contrived scare; the 'Codex' being ratified by all countries in the WTO...This law which goes into effect on Dec. 31st 2009 and will eliminate what we call 'organic' food, forever... as well as reduce all vitamins and supplements to levels so low, they will be useless. One will have to get a prescription from a doctor to get anything stronger; the NSA listening to all the worlds communications; right after ridicule, when all else fails, the most favored way to eliminate bad press and exposing the lie is murder-by-suicide; keeping us fighting about 'non-issues' to keep our attention diverted from whats really going on; the use of religion and mainstream science to conceal what and who we really are; indoctrination disguised as education in our schools to produce apathetic consumers who perpetuate the system for the benefit of the few; the suppressed knowledge that this universe is a subjective creation of our minds, and with that knowledge, can be changed...the list goes on. The bottom line being that we have all been lied to royally and with this information, society could finally know true liberation, true peace, true love & true spiritual evolution. So there will be no more tolerance for racism, sexism, genderism, ageism, specieism, homophobia and pro-choice/pro life contention. Buying into these distractions are anything but 'punk'. We live in a free world or we don't. People have the right to do as they please as long as it doesn't hinder anyone else's liberties. Morality is subjective. Your's is for you and no one else. You have been used and distracted by these issues, time and time again, to hide even deeper secrets from humanity. "If the kids are divided, they will never be united". Why? To keep our evolution stagnant. Knowledge over another is power. Fighting with each other over these 'non-issues' keeps us imprisoned, and anything but free. We must stop falling for these lies and distractions. So no democrats and no republicans. They serve the same people and those people are not you, got it? Besides, voting is it? Electronic voting with no paper trail is a sham. No one religion over another. They are all the same stories. The different chronicling of the same extraterrestrial species visitations, coming 'down from the heavens' and interacting with our ancestors AND manipulating our species. Stop falling for all of this disinformation that keeps you in your box. It keeps us all separated and fighting amongst each other while this empowers... those in power, and they are not you...yet. Currently, 'they' are an ilk of people who play the 'bully of the sandbox' role quite well. A very clever but emotionally and spiritually immature people, obsessed with eschatology, who are never satiated. The richest of families, the most powerful corporations and their minions that grovel at their feet. They can't stop 'taking' from those without, even if it means the world would be much better for everyone-including them. A world they would no longer have to control from the shadows. A world free to pursue its dreams. Alas, as easy as it would be to be scornful & vindictive of these people...we, the representatives of the new world we would like to see come to fruition, need to give them amnesty for all that they have done. there is no other way it will come to be or can happen in a peaceful way. We are all the same, all one. There is no space in space, meaning that we are all truly connected. When one person or one creature is oppressed, we all are. We exist to be free and exercise the power of choice to determine our own pathway, our own dharma, when we are not harming anyone else. True liberation exists now, with your consent. Ours has been given and we will not tolerate otherwise. Today, we must start living and being the change we desire to see in the world. This alone can be the biggest impetus for a brighter tomorrow. The future is now and humanity cannot wait any longer.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power,"

Benito Mussolini

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity... anything you can imagine we already know how to do."

Ben Rich, former director of the Lockheed Skunk Works (1975-1991) just prior to his death from cancer in 1995

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment, for the Nazi Regime

The world is governed by people far different from those imagined by the public

- Benjamin Disraeli, Victorian-era Prime Minister of Britain