Florida Old Boys
Aspen Sept 2004

We had a great side,a fine time,friendships,and made some memorable rugby moments. Many thanks to Roy Brewer for leading the way.

Please send your emails,pictures, and stories and lies about Aspen and we will paste them into this website. See ya in Ft Lauderdale Feb 26,27,28, 2005.

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Back row: Dave Kittrell (Miami RFC), Dan Santoro (Boca Raton RFC), Al Costello (Arizona), Raoul Besse (Orlando RFC), John Swaim (LIttle Rock RFC), Dan Marvel (University of Florida RFC (now a coach)), John Young (UF and Little Rock RFC), Jim Thul (UF and Princeton RFC), Dennis Frisch (UF and Boca Raton RFC), Mac Robertson (New York RFC), Phil Kaser (Iowa), Dan Stainton (Little Rock RFC), Collin Crawford (Virginia Cardinals RFC)

Front row: Doug Bidle (Chicago RFC), Chris Carr (Boca Raton RFC),Bobby Arnold(partially obscured from Denver and Little Rock), Tom Prigmore (Little Rock RFC), Mike Kanzler (Chicago RFC), Jerry Rzaer (Little Rock RFC), Jim Beverley (Miami RFC), Garry Jones (Shreveport RFC), Roy Brewer (UF and Sacramento RFC).

Not shown but present: A.L."Buck" Curtin,UF RFC, Phil Whyatt, Sydney, Australia co-founder of the UF RFC in 1969; Rick Meatyard (Maryland) the first scrum-half at UF way back in 1969; Cary Kennedy (Virginia Cardinals), who took this picture; Steve Timmons (Shreveport RFC), John Cush (Shreveport RFC), Charles Jones (Shreveport RFC), Bobby Arnold (Little Rock RFC and Colorado Senior Old Boys), Frank Rizzo (Houston), and Donald "Harpo" Dandria (Colorado), Kurt Hagman (Minneapolis), Mike Clements (Minneapolis), Dana Johnson (Minneapolis), Dave "Fats" Johnson (Minneapolis), Ed Viehman (Minneapolis).

Jerry Rzaer,John Young,Dennis Frisch,in foreground

Jerry Rzaer and Frank Rizzo,in foreground

Jim Thul and Dan Marvel

Jerry Rzaer and John Young

Colin Crawford and Cary Kennedy

Video/Audio File from Roy and Jim. This is a WMV format--just click here and enjoy.

Bob Arnold needs your support! Go here.

16 pictures from Mike Kranzler can be accessed by clicking here.

You might want to add the name of Bobby Arnold (Little Rock & Denver) to the team picture. He is the partial head between Chris Carr and Tom Pregmore on the front row. These are great pictures ... you can tell the LR folks are the camera hogs. Thanks for creating this site and putting up these pictures.


Emails from the Boys:

Hello all you Gators:

A special thank you from both Connie and I for the great time we had in Aspen. This was our first trip out and meeting all of you made it extra special. A special thank you to Donna and especially the Louisana Cooks for the great hospitality.

Thanks again for letting me play on your side and despite a couple of senior moments when I forgot who was on my side, I hope that I helped the cause. We were just a few points from being 4 and 1. Sunday was disappointing in the loss, but again great for the teamwork ( hey when we add in the point system from Thursday's over 50 we won the total). A lot of true heart was shown on the pitch and I really liked the never give up attitude. I will always have the great memory of playing with the FOBs and hope to have the pleasure again before I get so old I can't walk.

Hope to see you all soon on one side or another of the pitch and best of luck to all of you.

PS. just remember that Flordia will eventually get Tennessee back and we will call it even again. I was sure glad to find Buck still breathing when we got back to the condo Sat. night. Buck and Linda, you all were great roomies.

Collin and Connie Crawford

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