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    Welcome to the Twisted Metal's Monster Truck Madness Racing Creations Web site. I will offer various truck creations by other artist's (some I have modified slightly) as well as my own contributions to this outstanding racing sim. Look around, tell me what you think. I'm always open to suggestions. This site does offer a unique crash section that most other sites do not have. So, check back often. I am continually updating and adding to the site, plus I do have plans on building a couple of tracks, that is, if all goes well and time permits. I need to thank my wife Patty for being patient and understanding with my computer and MTM2 fetish, my 2 sons Matt and Kyle, who keep me creating and thinking. I truly Love You All. I need to send out a special thanks to Sleeper (Wherever he may be these days) for pointing me into the right direction. If it wasn't for him, this site wouldn't have happened. Please take some time to sign my guestbook and as always...

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