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I Virginia The Toe Nail Queen Welcome You Toe Nail Lovers To My New Home Page 2005

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"New York Are You Ready?"


I am in the process of adding Vocal Clips to this site for you to hear my voice while you look at my Long Toenails. Please !!!!! I must warn you that what you hear is What You Get! I have tapes availible for you to sooth your self into an Uncontrollable level of Hot Passion.I gave orders to have it completed TODAY! Before Noon!

You should be able to Click the Following link for complete satisfaction.

"Listen to Me! and Enjoy"!

"More Audio on "Reactions to My Toe Nails"

"What Reactions I Get About Long Toe Nails!"


"I have been hiding it from you all .It doens even have a counter yet. I finally moved into a new house. I love it. I hope that soon I will have my own computer and I will be able to spend more QUALITY TIME answering your beloved E mails.I f you want to write me letters and tryto help me out in any way possible financially or ways to help me get my computer E mail me at the below E-Mail Nail Address

P.S. I am having my Web Slave Set Up The E Mail Direct Link.Please Be Patient.

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"Here's Page 2 Of Some Special Pictures I Recovered

My Favorite Links

My Favorite Links

Here is a collection of My Toe Nail pictures I have taken in the past 3 years. I will be displayintg them by Color Sets. I hope that you all enjoy the Complete Virginia Toe Nail Archive. I am in the process of listing the series of Videos I will be Having Available.

Updater 25 December 2004