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11/12/00:The Flat Link will be holding a photo contest starting today. Please check out the section named Photo Contest to learn a little more about it!!!

11/6/00:Today I added a mailing list to my page so if you want to join go to the bottom of the page and do it. You will get a letter which will include site updates, new ideas, polls and general things about whats going on. Also coming in about 2-4 weeks 5 new part reviews including Graveyard T.I. Bars, Odyysey Modulevers, Primo Degroot Grips, and Peregrine Mad Max Whells. So sign that mailing list to get the letter Later Days!!
10/31/00:New section added today a Buyers Guide so all of you can check out the newest and best Flatland parts!!!!! Later Day's
10/27/00:13 new pics added in the pro pics section today York Uno,Takashi Ito, and Cory Stratychuck!!! Be sure to check them out and my new message board!!Later Days!
10/21/00:New section added today and also one taken off hmmmmmm.....
10/18/00:A new amteur added in the amteur pic"s section today!! Steve Lapsley this guy is pretty good he's also a good friend of mine so check out his site at you can see some of my pic's there!!I have also taken down the pictures in the Pro Pics section to have new ones sent in by you!! Send them to ( I also have an interviews section if you care to be interviewed e-mail me.
10/17/00:Ok I got an amateur pic's section up today so IF YOU HAVE ANY PICS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ON MY SITE SEND THEM IN.I aslso am getting a new interview sometime soon so check for that, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INTERVIEWED E-MAIL ME ( Days
10/15/00(again):Ok pretty big renovation today I got a lot of hat mail from people about my pictures from theFlatlander. So I put up a thing that says they are all property of theFlatlander, I also took all of the trick pics down and as soon as I get the pictures taken of me doing these I can get them on here.Now go check the interviews section don't see a Marrti Koupa one there do you? I got hate mail about that one too so just a few minutes ago I gat an amateur interview. So check that out too. If you would like to be interviewed e-mail me at, and don't forget about the amateur team!!
10/15/00:Ok today is the day I really start on the site!!!!! I know I know..... I've been neglecting it but no more it starts now!!! And to kick it all off The Flat Link is putting together an amature team!!!!!!! To decide who will be on the team you people must send in pictures to get on the team. Send all pictures to Thanks!! Later Days
10/10/00:Ok I'm gonna start working on this site lots more I know I said so a long time ago but pssssst!! I lied hehe so now I'm really gonna do it. Later Days
9/28/00: Hello again sorry about the big neglect to the site, but I had just started school and it was kinda hectic getting back into the swing of school. But now that I've got everything under control I'm gonna be working on the site a lot more. So expect a big update soon!! Later Day's
9/3/00: Ok I have not updated in a while, but I have my tricks page up!!! It's not done yet I only have a few beginner tricks up but more are coming soon. I have also found someone to interview I'll tell you when that is up. If any of you want to be interviewed just e-mail me ( And I need some help, does anyone know where to get an original message board? E-mail me if you do. Later Day's
8/31/00: Ok everyone it's almost my birthday woo hoo!! September 4th and incase you want to send me anything e-mail me. Ok I've been working on the tricks page and its looking good so far I also finnaly found out how to submit my site to search engine's I have it on Yahoo, Lycos, Xcite, and a few others that I can't remember so some people will actually be able to see these updates!! Also don't forget I'm gonna interview some of you amatures so if you want to be interviewed e-mail me. Later Day's
8/31/00:Ok today im gonna start on my original tricks page but I'm not putting it up untill I have the whole thing finished so dont be lookin for it for atleast 3-5 days also I added two two new pro's to the pics page at 2:30 this morning when I coulden't sleep Chad Degroot, and Andrew Faris with more to come soon. Later Day's
8/30/00(again):I um added a pic's page but it only has three pro's but they are the best (Martti Kuoppa, Day Smith, and Trevor Meyer) woo hoo!!! Anyway I'm gonna make my own tricks page this one was just temporary to get the site going. I'm also gonna try and get my own message board. One more thing I have an interviews page but since this is an amature site I can't interview pros, my interview of Martti Kuoppa is actually stolen from another site so I have a really cool idea if any of you amature flatlanders want to be interviewed please e-mail me!! ( Later Day's
8/30/00: Sorry I haven't updated in a few days but I've been busy with work. Anyway got the first interview up Martti Kouppa!!! I'm about to make a pics page woo hoo!! Well keep checking. Later Day's
8/27/00: Second day added a trick list!!! Changed the look of the page gonna make a seperate links page,profiles,interviews,a message board, im getting there slowly but surely!! Later Day's
8/26/00: Come one come all it's opening day for this site I hope you like it. Right now the site is going to be based mainly on links to other pages but soon I will have some tricks and some interviews. And whatever else I can think of. By the way if you want your site on my page E-mail me ( I will check it out and see if I like it. Later Day's
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