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Musician Russell Javors is best known
for his work with Billy Joel,
 but few people are aware that 
Russell is himself, an accomplished singer/songwriter
His work has been recorded by such artists
as Karen Carpenter, and Phoebe Snow. Russell's music is highly regarded by
his peers, but unfortunately for us, he has never opted to record and release his solo work to the public.

Due to some recent e-mails from a somewhat disturbed individual, I would like to remind everyone who visits this site that this is a fan site. It was created as a tribute to Russell BY A FAN. In the past Mr. Javors has been kind enough to contribute facts and correct inaccuracies and I do forward all rational e-mail to him. However, I do want to remind everyone he is not responsible for this site's content or for it's maintenance.

Some of Russell's music is now available at