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The Site Fights Spirit Flowers

Welcome to my very special Garden! This garden is dedicated to the 84 men whom I have adopted that fought in Vietnam and are yet listed as MIA/POW or KIA/BNR. You will find their names below; each linking to the garden area that they are on. Names with '*' in front of them also have a photo. This Garden is set up so that each man is listed on the Garden site. If you would like to dedicate a Spirit Flower to one - or all - of the POW's, simply go to Sarina's Site Fight Flowers, choose a pot, and then fill out the form. Where it says "Sender" - put your name / POW's name so I know who the flower is to be dedicated to. As the first flower is dedicated to a POW, I will create a Dedication Garden. As more flowers are dedicated, they will be added to that person's Garden! If you wish to dedicate one flower to all of the POW's, simply put "your name / all" where it says sender. Thank you. Together we will keep their memory alive, and bring them home!!

(Once you fill out the form, *send to*
To find the dates to send by for holidays, go here

Page 1 - Virginia
Angell, Marshall Joseph
Ashby, Donald Robert Sr
Bessor, Bruce Carlton
*Blodgett, Douglas Randolph
Booth, Lawrence Randolph
Bowles, Dwight Pollard
*Boyd, Walter
*Brown, Robert Mack
Buckley, Victor Patrick
Burd, Douglas Glen
Chaney, Arthur Fletcher

Page 2 - Virginia
*Clarke, George William Jr
Compton, Frank Ray
*Consolvo, John Wadsworth Jr
*Cooley, David Leo "Spade"
Davies, Joseph Edwin
Dodge, Edward Ray
*Donahue, Morgan Jefferson
Dotson, Jefferson Scott

Page 3 - Virginia
Driver, Dallas Alan
Ellen, Wade Lynn
Evans, Billy Kennedy Jr.
Forame, Peter Charles
*Fowler, Roy Gillman
Greenwood, Robert Roy, Jr.
Gregory, Paul Anthony
Harley, Lee Dufford
Holtzman, Ronald Lee
Jones, Orvin Clarence Jr.

 Page 4 - Virginia
*Jackson, Paul Vernon III
Kosko, Walter
Lee, Leonard Murray
Malone, Jimmy McDonald
Mc Cants, Leland Stanford III
McPherson, Everett Alvin
Mulhauser, Harvey
Owen, Robert Duval
Parish, Charles Carroll
Pepper, Anthony John
Perkins, Cecil Carrington

Page 5 - Virginia
Pruett, William David
Rash, Melvin Douglas
Roark, James David
Scott, Vincent Calvin Jr.
Stuller, John Charles
Taylor, Fred
*Versace, Humbert Roque
Weston, Oscar Branch Jr.
Whitmire, Warren Taylor Jr.
Winkler, John Anthony

New Jersey
Mauterer, Oscar

 Page 6 - Iowa
Adams, Steven Harold
Ayers, Richard Lee
Clark, Jerry Prosper
*Cohron, James Derwin
Cook, Kelly Francis
Cross, Ariel Lindley
Davis, Francis John
*Eilers, Dennis Lee
*Gourley, Laurent Lee
Griffey, Terrance Hastings

 Page 7 - Iowa
Hamilton, Dennis Clark
*Herrick, James Wayne Jr.
Hise, James Hamilton
Homes, Lester Evan
Killen, John Dewey III
*King, Charles Douglas
Krommenhoek, Jeffrey M.
Leonard, Robert Bruce
*Lint, Dennis Michael
Martin, Russell Evan

 Page 8 - Iowa
*Milius, Paul Lloyd
Morrison, Glenn Raymond Jr.
O'Hara, Robert Charles
Palen, Carl Anthony
Paxton, Donald Elmer
Pittmann, Alan Dale
Roggow, Norman Lee
Scull, Gary Bernard
Sparks, Donald Lee

coming soon

Special Requests
*Richard Milton Cole Jr.
*Calvin Charles Glover
Daniel R. Phillips
Howard Yost, Jr.

If you have a loved one that is a POW that you would like to add to this Garden, please e-mail me with the POW's name, and the page URL, and I will add them. If the person does not have a web page, just send me their name, date missing, and state they are from.

Special Note!

This site is for ALL MIA / POW's regardless of war, regardless of country. If your person is from Canada, Australia, etc, please tell me in your e-mail so they may get proper recognition!

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Friends of POW's Garden
Awards Page

Children's POW Garden of Hope

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The Site Fights Spirit Flowers The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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These 3 flowers bloomed 2/9/2000

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