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We all travel many paths in our lives. Some easy, some hard. Sometimes the easy path is not the true path, and we must retrace our steps. We all have the choice of the pathways we walk. Our spirits guide us down pathways that nourish our souls. It is my hope that the pathways within these pages will nourish you, if you hunger. That you will learn lessons from the pathways of anger and hurt. Make you question the path of deceit and greed society takes. Give you a path for a future of hope, unity and tranquility within your own being. Some paths are on the darker side. These paths are filled with anger and pain that wounded hearts feel. Go now into my pathways and help yourself to all nourishment found within. Peace and love to all who journey; for they are the seekers of light!

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You may enjoy listening to the music on this page all the way through as it has a special message to all of you in it. Peace:

Song by: Roma Downey from touched by an Angel.

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