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Xanth is a fantasy land that is the subject of a series of books by Piers Anthony. It has mythical creatures like dragons, mermaids, ogres, and more. Xanth is unique though, everyone in Xanth has a magical talent. Some are magician level like transforming into any living creature but some are "spot on the wall" variety like conjuring a flying sword. Xanth's human society is governed by a king who lives in Castle Roogna, but other specias have their own kings or Queens like King Nabob of the Naga, Chief Gwenny of the Goblins, and so on. Xanth has one major hazard and that is the amount of puns in Xanth like a cherry bomb, it really is a cherry that explodes.

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The Xanth series is copywrite Piers Anthony as are all chracters, and events.

This page was last updated 2-19-01

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