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Welcome to the disquietening world of The Prophecy!
If you haven't seen this movie, I strongly suggest that you
get off your derrier and rent it right now! I'm sure you can part
with your computer for a couple of hours. Oh, I see. You'd
like to have a little more information about it, would you not?
Very sensible kind of thought, I admit. Well, that's what my
page is for!!! Oh, by the way, nothing official about it,
so be warned!

The Angels

Gabriel, aka Chris Walken
Simon, aka Eric Stoltz
Lucifer, aka Viggo Mortensen
This is Gabriel (Christopher Walken), my guardian angel. He's not a nice guy. In fact, he wants all the billions of us "monkeys" who are currently overpopulating the Earth 6 feet under. It's not his fault, he had a traumatic experience due to a communication problem. This is Simon (Eric Stoltz), another Angel. He's a good guy. He doesn't share Gabriel's radical views. He stole the wicked general's soul before Gabriel could get it. This soul is presumably the ultimate weapon against humans. Simon hid it from Gabriel and got himself in trouble. Ha-ha. This is Lucifer (Viggo Mortensen). And guess what? For once he's not the ultimate bad guy. He's the deus ex machina figure: the one who comes and messes with everybody's heads, saves the day, eats a protein rich snack and goes back to Hell.

The Mortals

Thomas, aka Elias Koteas Catherine, aka Virginia Madsen
Oh, here are the good guys. At your left is Thomas
(Elias Koteas), the ex-priest and present cop. At your right
is the school teacher (Virginia Madsen) who gets herself into all
this celestial mess accidentally. They are trying to save a little girl
Gabriel is after, so they attempt toassassinate him. Go figure.

The Victims

Jerry, aka Adam Goldberg Rachael, aka Amanda Plummer
As in any horror/thriller movie, there are victims in the
Prophecy. Usually they are the people who decided to die
at the wrong time. Which means, when Gabriel was around.
Must be fun to be a renegate angel's personal zomby!

The Prize

Mary is the main prize everybody's after. I'm sorry, I
don't have her picture yet, but some time I'll find it.
Mary's good friend Simon decided to hide the evil general's
soul inside the poor kid. The lesson? Beware of strangers! Especially
if they say they want to share a secret with you and then kiss you.