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My belief in angels used to be based on faith alone....and that feeling sometimes that "someone" is there beside me when I need them....unseen, but there nonetheless. Well... all of that changed on the morning of October 13, 2000 at about 1:45 a.m. ( was a Friday!). Let me tell you what happened. You can reach your own conclusions....but as for myself....I Believe In Angels!

I used to drive a cab in Norfolk, Virginia. The night shift.

I had picked up a young man at a 7-11. He was going to Hampton....a $37 fare (flat rate...out of town) about 1:45 a.m.. He was wearing baggy jeans and a football jersey (oversized). I explained to him that he had to pay in advance when going out of town at that time of night. He handed me a fifty...and I gave him his change. Off we went!

I started getting nervous about halfway there. He was very quiet....I couldn't get him talking. Unusual.

As I got off the interstate, I was looking for a patrol car.....I never saw one! Not a great part of town either. The street he had me turn on was dark and quiet...... He told me what house to stop in front was dark and looked deserted.

I was still hoping and praying for a patrol car. Not a one in sight anywhere!! As I stopped the cab, he lifted up his shirt with his left hand and was reaching across to his waistband with his right. I knew what was coming....I was scared spitless. I looked in the rear view mirror....still not ANY vehicle in sight behind....or in front of me. can believe this part or not. I can't explain it. I flipped on the interior light just as the guy was reaching for the gun I could then see. Then he got the darndest look on his face. His eyes were as wide as saucers, and his lower jaw was agape. I looked to my left and saw a police car had pulled to a stop next to me! My side window was part way down....there was NO sound from that car's engine....NO sound of tires on the pavement....NO glimpse of approaching headlights....nothing! The guy started stammering...asked what he owed me! I told him, " paid me already. Just go!" He got out and quickly walked off.

I turned my head to thank the cops for stopping....and the patrol car was gone!!

I never heard it pull away.....

I drove all around the area....I never found them! I never even saw headlights or tail lights in the distance anywhere!

Whoever....or whatever....stopped next to my cab quite possibly saved my life that night. All I could do was thank God all the way back to Norfolk...and then some.

A long time ago, a dear friend in Texas said he asked for a guardian angel to watch over me out there.............I think he drives a Heavenly police car!

Any other explanation?? I sure can't think of one!

Special Thanks To Virgil

You Are My Special Angel

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