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The Truth About

JonBenet Ramsey

Ever since the tragic Christmas Night murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in 1996, the nation has been obsessed with the little girl's life, death, and the mystery that still puzzles thousands. JonBenet, a winner of many child beauty pagents, has fascinated America for over four years. Her life has been talked about in national magazines, including "People" and "Newsweek." Over six years after her death, the Jonbenet Ramsey Case is still often the top news story in such television programs as "20/20" and "Dateline." Tabloids continue to print large pictures of JonBnet's made-up face, their headlines screaming rumors about her murder. And in February of 2000, there was even a television mini-series about the mysterious death of JonBenet, "America's Princess."

Many web sites have been made about the JonBenet case, and most web sites point the guilty finger at the little girl's parents. This web page is different. This site is dedicated to JonBenet Ramsey, and it will tell the other side of the story. This page shows the side proving the Ramseys are innocent of murder.......the side that most people, for whatever reason, want to ignore.

It is true that the mystery of JonBenet's murder is intriguing. It sounds like something out of a fictional Steven King thriller. A beautiful little girl with a dazzling smile lives a wonderful life with her family in their Colorado mansion. The girl's parents, both elegant Southerners, are wealthy and well-known in the community that they have made their new home. The little girl is a winner of several child beauty contest. In the pageants, the little girl proves that she is talented, singing, smiling, and dancing across a stage. The girl and her family celebrate a wonderful Christmas in the snow-covered Rockies. The next morning, the girl's lovely mother wakes early and heads down a pair of stairs to make a cup of coffee. At the bottom of the steps, she sees three papers filled with large words. The first sentence states "We have your daughter!" Her mother cries out for her husband and then calls the police. Later that day, the little girl's body is found hidden away in a small room in the mansion's basement. She has been murdered.

Unfortunately, this was not a story in a Steven King novel. This really happened. This horrible event really took place.

Most of the media have made JonBenet's parents out to be cold-hearted people who showed off their daughter in pageants against her will. They have made her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, out to be murderers.

Has America forgotten the famous saying "Innocent until proven guilty?" Or has the nation changed the saying around to be "Guilty until proven innocent?"

John and Patsy Ramsey were not cold-hearted. They loved JonBenet dearly, and they love their three other children, too. A long list of people who have known the Ramseys for years, and these are people who know the couple well, have tried telling the world about the love they had for their sweet daughter. A friend of Patsy's fought back tears as she told a reporter that JonBenet's mother was not like many mothers who push their young daughters into beauty pageants. She said that Patsy was NEVER a "stage mom," and that she never forced JonBenet to compete in the pageants if she didn't want to. She said that Patsy wanted JonBenet to do activities that she enjoyed, and beauty pageants were one of the things JonBenet liked doing. Even people who did not know the Ramseys well have often stated that they always viewed John and Patsy as loving, caring parents.

Pictures of JonBenet dressed up in fancy beauty pageant costumes and wearing make-up have been on the covers of tabloids and magazines too many times. But these were NOT the only pictures taken of JonBenet when she was alive. The Ramseys have often tried to release pictures of JonBenet when she looked like a typical 6-year-old (like the picture below), but the media doesn't print those pictures because they don't sell.

JonBenet did live the normal, healthy life of a 6-year-old American child. She went to grade school. She played outside. She had many friends her age. And on her last Christmas, she got a new bicycle from Santa Claus.

People tend to ignore all the evidence that points AWAY from the Ramseys. During this four year investigation, so much evidence proving the Ramseys DID NOT kill their daughter has been discovered. A palm print found on the door of the small basement room, the room where JonBenet's body was found, does NOT match either parent. Fresh palm prints found throughout the mansion's kitchen have not matched either of JonBenet's parents or any other close family member or friend. John and Patsy have been eliminated as possible authors of the ransom note. And pubic hair found on JonBenet's body does not match ANYONE in her family, including her parents.

It has been said that John and Patsy Ramsey have never worked with the Boulder police on trying to solve their daughter's murder. This is totally false. The Ramseys DID try to work with the Boulder police during the early days of the investigation. They willingly submitted handwriting samples to the police. But within a few days, with no solid clues to go on, the Boulder cops told the couple that they were sure that both of them were involved in JonBenet's murder, and that they were not going to bother looking for anyone else as possible suspects. It was then that John and Patsy Ramsey stopped talking to the Boulder police.

Who can blame them? If your child had been murdered and the cops decided, with no amount of true evidence, that you were guilty of your child's death, would you keep working with them? Not likely. But John and Patsy Ramsey did not simply shrug their shoulders and give up on finding JonBenet's killer. They have hired their own investigation team, and their team will keep working on the case until the murderer is caught and convicted for JonBenet's death.


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