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Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the simplest and (in my opinion) most effective ways to do magick. It spans the barriers between the various types of magick.
To do a candle spell, choose the correct color for your intent. Then either carve the spell on the candle, or think of it, and light the candle. Let it burn out.

Candle colors:

  • White-purity, beauty, dieting, peace, invisibility, protection
  • Black-banishing, death, exorcism
  • Yellow-astral projection, grounding & centering, divination, dreams, psychic powers, wisdom
  • Blue-childbrith, sleep, happiness, meditation
  • Green-business success, employment, fertility, gardening, healing, longevity, money, success
  • Purple-healing, magical powers, meditation
  • Red-courage, strength, sexual energy, lust, passion
  • Pink-fidelity, friendship, happiness, love

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