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About Chaos Magic

First things first. Chaos magick isn't a toy. Just to make sure everyone understands. Well then. If you're here, you probably already understand a bit about magic. Chaos magick isn't a religion - Christians, Wiccans, or Satanists can be chaotes (the word for people who practice chaos magick) too. It doesn't really matter. The beauty of chaos magick is that there is no real formula to it. Whatever works for you is fine. Most people follow a few guidelines, but the rest is up to you. I've clumped chaos magick, a few things from Wicca, and my own crazy stuff together, and it works fine for me. Chaos magick is constantly changing; hence the name.
Moving on! Chaos magick is generally based on working with sigil magic. More on that later. Entities known as god-forms (which I will not go into on this site) are summoned as needed - usually to help out with a spell.
Another thing. Chaos magick doesn't have morals. It isn't good or bad. How it's used by the practitioner, however, makes a difference. In chaos magick, there isn't any concept of "what goes around comes around," or karma. There isn't any retaliation or payback or sin or anything like that.
Chaos magick can be really useful. Anyone can do it; it's all a matter of willpower, and knowing what you're doing.

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