Operation: Cliff Clavin

these are all of their releases, * = out of print

click on song names that are red to see the lyrics

Top Secret 7 *

Songs:jerk ,my girl, all i can be, , kennys job, fair is fair, when I grow up, fine

Freedom of choice cd *

Songs: 700 club, coffee houses,empty , i'd like to see you,felon ,stud or slut,sick of it, 1995, EQS packaging , retirement, stupid stories, call in, electric fred, medicare inside out, c3po can suck my ass, i'd never write a song about a girl, empty houses, jet 'train'-john denver, dreams-cranberries, everyday-buddy holly, every rose has its thorn-poison

Connie Dungs/OpCC split 7 *

Songs: consumer, private property, lets start walking or quit talking, thank you for not breeding, some strong reason, marcels cover

Paradise lost cd

Songs: end of the world, impossible apology, lesson learned, kick my ass, no thanks, terrible place, strike, the big picture, a bomb and a plan, education not execution, i'll be my own valentine, no one asked us, doulgass paul mcdonell, i used to be a meat eater, you can't justify being a pig, how many punks does it take to change a lightbulb?, paper dolls, authority song

I-farm/OpCC split

Songs: ignorance=bliss?, just a little bit, how come no one cares and nothing really matters(cover of an i-farm song), forgotten not gone, acoustic song....also on this i-farm does a cover of the opcc song empty

Last words ep

Songs: 8 songs are on this, this was going to be the split with peanucle, but, i guess not.

When everythings been said 2xCD set

Songs: just about everything they have ever done

Who Was Operation: Cliff Clavin?

Since 1995 they changed a lot, they started out with this line up: Chris-guitar, Lewis-bass, and Tony-drums (Top Secret) then they got Stan to play drums on Freedom of choice. after that, another change was made, now Chris played guitar, Jason Allender played bass and Frankie played drums, this line up was on their split with the Connie Dungs. Jason left and now Hannah played bass on Paradise Lost and everything after that. Frankie moved, so Jared played drums....and that was the final line up.