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The following family history of the Bumbrey family of King George County, Virginia was begun with the work of Jeff Bumbrey, the son of Rev. George and Mrs. Carrie Bumbrey. I took his work and expanded on it, using the court records as proof. Some of his work is copied word for word to retain the family oral history. Many thanks to him for taking the time to capture it for future generations. The Bumbrey name traveled to Virginia in the mid 1600s from England with the old English spelling of Bunbury. The first American immigrant bearing the surname was Thomas Bunbury (c. 1640 - 1680) who according to the official records arrived as an indentured servant in 1660. In return for his ship's passage, Thomas agreed to serve as a servant for seven years to one Tobias Horton of Lancaster County. Upon completing his service in 1667/8, he moved to the frontier area of St. Paul's Parish, Stafford, now in King George County. Here Thomas bought land which over the years he transformed in to a prosperous tobacco plantation with the aid of slaves and indentured laborers. In less than 10 years, his successes permitted his family to enter the ranks of the local planter ruling class, and he received an appointment as the sheriff of lower Stafford County. Thomas Bunbury died about 1680, leaving behind a number of sons and daughters who became prominent in the social, religious, and political life of Colonial King George County. Thomas Bunbury was the founder of the family name in Virginia. However, it was one of his great-grandchildren that was responsible for the attachment of this English surname to one of the largest and oldest black families in the United States today.


Descendants of Thomas Bunbury

Thomas Bunbury (b. May 1606 d. 1668) born in Cheshire England

+Eleanor Birkenhead (b. Nov. 29, 1605) born in Cheshire England


Thomas2 Bunbury (b. 1640 - 1680)

            +Mary (last name unknown)


            William2 Bunbury (b. 1670)

            +Frances (last name unknown)


                                    Dulcibella3 Bunbury (b. 1695 - 1763)

                                    +Enoch Berry


                                    Thomas3 Bunbury (b. 1698 - 1779)

                                    +Sarah Broadburn


John3 Bunbury b: Abt. 1725

                                                                        William4 Bunbury b: Abt. 1726

Mildred Bunbury b: September 02, 1731

Dulcebella4 Bunbury b: September 15, 1733 in St. Pauls Parish, Virginia
+John Owens b: Abt. 1740 in Virginia
+John Withers Conway b: Aug 20, 1717 St. Pauls Parish, VA m: Apr 21, 1752 in St. Pauls Parish, VA d: 1790 Stafford Co, VA

Elizabeth2 Bunbury b: Apr 25, 1736

Francis2 Bunbury b: September 01, 1738

Anne2 Bunbury b: November 21, 1741 in King George County, Virginia

Jane2 Bunbury b: November 21, 1741 in King George County, Virginia
+Joseph Sanford II m: May 08, 1766 in St. Pauls Parish, King George County, Virginia

Sarah2 Bunbury b: March 09, 1743/44

Thomas4 Bunbury b: Abt. 1724 in St. Pauls Parish, King George, Virginia d: Abt. 1779
+Behethland Massey b: Bef. 1731 in King George County, Virginia



                                    Elinor2 Bunbury (b. 1714)

                                    +Thomas Massey


                                    William3 Bunbury (b. 1696)

                                    +Elizabeth (last name unknown)


                                    Catherine2 Bunbury (b. 1702)

                                    +Joseph Berry


                                    John2 Bunbury (b. 1665 - 1700)


                                    Thomas3 Bunbury (b. 1667 -1687)


Susan2 Bunbury (b. 1636 - 1636)


George2 Bunbury (b. 1636 - 1636)


Alice2 Bunbury (b. 1635 - 1636)


Dulcibella2 Bunbury (b. 1636 - 1642)


Joseph2 Bunbury (b. 1642)


Benjamin2 Bunbury (b. 1642)


Diana Bunbury (b. 1644 - 1710)

+Richard Bunbury



Thomas' Bunbury (c. 1640 -1680) great-grandson, John Bunbury (c. 1762 - 1791), a substantial tobacco planter whose farm and lands were in the vicinity of Owens Post Office about 1780, fathered a mulatto child named Richard "Dick" by one of his female slaves. The name of this woman, our ancestress, is not recorded and she is lost to us as an individual. When Richard's father John died in 1791, he was not sold along with the other estate slaves but given - what was in those days - "special consideration" being instead willed to his own half-brother - Thomas Bunbury. Richard (c. 1780 - 1849) remained his brother's slave for 15 years (1791-1806) during which time he received instruction in blacksmithing and general farming. Although a slave, Richard acquired the skills of reading and writing, and his brother allowed him the freedom of working for other local planters. By this means, Richard saved $400.00 with which he purchased his own emancipation in 1806. This Richard Bumbrey (c. 1780 - 1849) was the founder of the black Bumbrey families of eastern Virginia. Unlike his half brother and other white Bumbrey relatives whose family lines died out, or later moved to the richer and newer farming lands of Piedmont Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, and Mississippi, Richard remained in King George County where he accumulated capital and property as a skilled tradesman; he also married a slave woman whom he was unable to emancipate. Nonetheless, the eight children by this marriage - 5 sons and 3 daughters, he did succeed in purchasing their freedom one by one. The U.S. Census records of 1820 show all eight children living with their father on his small farm in the vicinity of present-day Little Ark Baptist Church. On Richard Bumbrey's death in 1849, his will distributed lands, clothing, and money to his 8 children, and from these children sprang the Bumbrey family, as well as other interrelated families of King George, Westmoreland, Fredericksburg, and Washington, D.C. Richard Bumbrey's will is dated September 1840 and proved June 7, 1849. It is found in King George County Will Book 4, page 29. The daughters of Richard Bumbrey - Maria, Susan, and Martha Bumbrey - disappear from official records after the death of their father. However, Richard names the children of his daughter Maria Bumbrey1 in his will:


Angelina Bumbrey2


Eliza Bumbrey2


Betsy Bumbrey2


Sarah Bumbrey2


Richard Bumbrey2


George Bumbrey1 The eldest son, George, either died soon after his father, or moved out of the area. No records exist in King George County concerning George. The remaining four sons - Thomas, John, Henry, and Giles -remained in the King George County area and settled in the area between Owens and Hooe Post Office.


Thomas Bumbrey1, the second son, and his wife Betsey, left five children: Anna Eliza Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1846) married Clay Prior - son of Calvert Jones - in 1865, King George County. Either Clay or Ann was listed as a slave of Dr. Richard H. Stuart. And their children were so labeled. Their daughter Kitty Prior died at age 10 months in 1854, a slave child of Dr. Richard H. Stuart. The 1850 census of King George County shows Clay as a free person of color. This implies that Ann, although her father was free, was a slave child of Betsey. The daughter of Clay and Ann, Martha Prior3, died at age 4 months in 1870.


Their son - George T. Pryor3 (b. 1866) married Martha Johnson (b. 1873) in December 1891, King George County.


Their children: Martha Pryor4 (b. 1894) married in June 1915 Charles Scott (b. 1885), King George County Henry Clay Pryor4 (b. 1895) married in March 1920 Hester Dunlop (b. 1898), King George County


Mary E. Pryor4 (b. 1898) married in December 1918, King George County, William H. Pryor (b. 1864), son of William and Betsey


Janis Pryor4 (b. 1898) married in October 1921 Vernon Pratt (b. 1898), King George County


Daniel Pryor4 (b. 1904) married in May 1923 Ida May Pratt (b. 1904), King George County


John Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1850) married Fanny Taylor in 1877, in King George County. Their daughter Mary Bumbrey3 died in 1885, age 9.


Irving Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1880) married Sarah Washington in King George County in September 1902


Grace Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1883) married James Dunlop in King George County in December 1899.


James H. Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1858) married Celia Ida Peyton in 1881, King George County, and Mae Brent Brooks in 1920, King George County. They had several children:


James M. Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1890) married Annie Beale Williams in March 1914, King George County.


Chastine Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1883) married Alberta King in July 1903, King George County.


Isaiah Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1884) married Adlees Triplett in March 1915, King George County.


Carrie B. Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1889) died in 1890 at age 1 year.


Lucy Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1867) married Alexander Jordan in 1884, King George County


Joseph Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1868) married Minnie B. Turley in 1909, King George County.


Henry Bumbrey1, the third son, He was married to Kezziah, maiden name unknown.

had only one son - Richard Bumbrey2.


Richard and Kezziah had a son, Richard Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1849) who married Rosa Dixon, daughter of Richard Dixon and his wife Rachael, in 1878 in King George County. James S. Hudson gave a house and land to Rachael and Rose Dixon and the two children living with her then. An unnamed son died in 1890 at age 1 month 5 days. Richard and Rose Bumbrey were the parents of 10 children:


James Bumbrey4 (b. 1874)


Annette Bumbrey4 (b. 1876)


Martha Bumbrey4 (b. 1879)


Kate Bumbrey4 (b. 1882 - 1977) married in King George in 1900 William "John" Johnson, son of C. F. Johnson and Virginia Lucas. Their daughter Rosie Johnson5 m. in 1923 Charles Jackson Sr.


George Bumbrey4 (b. 1883)


Mary Bumbrey4 (b. 1884)


Joseph Bumbrey4 (b. 1887)


Beatrice Bumbrey4 (b. 1891)


Richard H. Bumbrey4 (b. 1894) married Cora Winston in King George County in December 1911.


Galva W. Bumbrey4 (b. 1897) married Mary Johnson (b. 1902) in February 1920 in King George.  Mary Johnson is the daughter of Bankhead Johnson and Mamie Pryor.  In February 1952, his heirs were listed:


Richard W. Bumbrey5 - (b. February 18, 1920)


William H. Bumbrey5  - (b. - 1927)


Anna Minerva Bumbrey5 - (b. Sept. 8, 1923) married a Scranage.


John Bumbrey1, the fourth son and his wife Henrietta, produced the largest branch of the family. His sons were:


Bassett Bumbry2 (b. circa 1839) Bassett was married to Susanna Evans. Susanna was the mother of his children. In 1877, their son Henry Bumbrey died at age 2 years, 6 months. In March 1916, Bassett married Martha Stark Robinson in King George County. King George County Deed Book 27, page 443, records the purchase by Bassett of 178.32 acres of land in Owens at $4.00 an acre. Bassett and his wife Susan were able to buy the land for taxes. But several sales of portions of the land are recorded thereafter. His heirs sold Bassett Bumbry’s estate in October 1920. The following heirs were listed:


John G. Bumbry3 (b. circa 1860) married Mary Williams in King George County in August 1886. After divorcing her, he married Bell Robb Ashton in King George County in August 1917. His wife is listed as Belle in 1920


Bassett Bumbry, Jr.3 (b. circa 1866) married Amanda Johnson in King George County in November 1892. His wife was listed as Amanda in 1920. Basset and Amanda had two daughters who were married in King George County:


Jessie Bumbry4 (b. circa 1896) married in King George County in June 1911 John Hodge.


Nannie Bumbry4 (b. circa 1895) married in King George County in June 1911 Jesse Robinson.


Rose Lee Bumbry3 (b. circa 1866) married Richard Bumbrey, son of Giles, in January 1884, King George County. She married in March 1906 his brother Giles Bumbrey, King George County.


James P. Bumbry3 (b. circa 1869) married Mary V. Davis in King George County in January 1891. His wife was listed as Mary in 1920. Several of their children married in King George County.


Addie Bumbry4 (b. circa 1892) married Edward Scranage in May 1915.


Mamie B. Bumbry4 (b. circa 1894) married in December 1913 Willie L. Scranage.


Lomax Bumbry4 (b. circa 1896) married in December 1917 Carrie Johnson. He listed himself as a fireman residing in New York City. They divorced. He married in May 1922 Elizabeth Johnson.


Matthew L. Bumbry4 (b. circa 1898) married in 1921 Beatrice R. Johnson.


Pratt N. Bumbry4 (b. circa 1900) married in December 1916 Nelson Pryor.


Maude S. Bumbry4 (b. circa 1903) married in April 1920 David Ford.


Priscilla Bumbry3 (b. circa 1859) married Andrew Jordan of Caroline County in February 1881 in King George County. They were both listed in 1920.


Nancy Bumbry3 (b. circa 1864) married William Miles in January 1884 in King George County. They were still married in 1920.


Maria M. Bumbry3 (b. circa 1871) married William Johnson in King George County in December 1888. They were still married in 1920.


Susan Bumbry3 (b. circa 1875) married Thomas H. Johnson in King George County in May 1900. She is listed in 1920 as wife of Arthur Johnson.


Margaret Henrietta Bumbry3 was deceased by 1920. Her children are listed as Viola, Samuel, and Retta Dunlop. Thomas Dunlop signed the deed. Margaret Bumbrey (b. circa 1876), daughter of Bassett and Susanna was married to Thomas Dunlop in King George in December 1896.


Galloway Bumbrey2. Galloway was married to Sophia, maiden name unknown. In 1865, an unnamed child of Galloway and Sophia, age 4 months, died. Dr. R. H. Stuart, Head of the family gave the information. This implies that at least Sophia was a slave of Richard Stuart. Galloway appears to have been married earlier to Harriet, maiden name unknown. A daughter of Galloway and Harriett, Rose Bumbrey (b. circa 1854), married James Johnson in 1874. In King George County Deed Book 23, page 304, Galloway made a Homestead Declaration on 20 acres of land in the Owens area called "Scranages." Galloway Bumbrey's estate was listed in King George County Deed Book 38, page 162. Galloway's estate was divided and the following heirs were given shares:


George Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1879) married in February 1906 in King George County Eliza Triplett. He married in December 1910 in King George County Emma Belle Graves. He was listed as a widower.


Frances Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1867) married in King George County in 1890 Benjamin Beverley.


Lizzie Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1875) married in King George County in December 1897 John Williams. In 1912, she married Thomas Gray in King George County.


Maria Bumbrey3 married a Young.


Sophia Bumbrey3 married a Johnson


William Bumbrey3


Giles Bumbrey1 (b. circa 1810), the fifth son, was married to Louisa Prior (b. circa 1833 - d. 1878). This family name is taken from the Scranage/Bumbrey family history. A marriage record at St. Paul's Parish indicates that Giles Bumbrey married Caroline Bailey on May 15, 1842. He died on August 1, 1881. According to his will, dated July 28, 1881 and recorded in August 1881, Will Book 4, page 329, he was the father of:


George Bumbrey2


Richard Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1857) married Rosalie Bumbrey, daughter of Bassett and Susan Bumbrey in King George County in January 1884. An unnamed daughter died in 1890.


Giles L. Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1860) married Laura Taylor in King George County in January 1884. They were divorced. He married in King George County in March 1906 Rosa L. Bumbrey, daughter of Bassett and Susan and widow of his brother Richard.


Henry Bumbrey2


Susan Bumbrey2


Gust Bumbrey2


Lennon Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1874) married Lou Alice Scranage in King George County in August 1906


The marriage records tell us of several more children:


Madison Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1857) married Virginia Mary Taylor in King George County in October 1881. A child, Ida Bumbrey died in 1892 at Strawberry Hill, age 11 days. Their son William H. Bumbrey3 died in 1890, age 1 year, 6 months. Their daughter Laura E. Bumbrey3 died in 1886 at 2 years, 5 months.


Missouri Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1882) married in King George County in March 1900 Andrew Beale. Before November 1952, she was married to - Berry.


Maggie B. Bumbrey3 (b. circa 1893)


Sarah Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1867) married Charles Johnson in King George County in January 1885.


Mary Bumbrey2 (b. circa 1860) married Wesley Scranage in King George County in December 1877.


Families connected to the Bumbrey name


The Scranage family is Irish in origin and came to the Virginia Colony in mid 1600 with a wave of immigrants from Ireland.  Most came as indentured laborers and, gradually securing their freedom, became planters and skilled workers.  The Irishman who brought the name of Scranage to this area settled in Caroline County.  He lived there during the mid 1700's and is referred to as "Overseer" Scranage.  Among the numerous and recognized children of this man was one Ann Scranage, listed in the Caroline County records as a "mulatto girl" meaning she was part black and part white.  Ann Scranage was indeed a slave in her own father's household; however, in 1792, her father emancipated her in his will and shortly thereafter, Ann, age 15, moved to King George County where she earned a living as a skilled seamstress.  In 1806 or 1807 she married a native of King George County, one Frank Willis; however, because the laws of Virginia forbade blacks, both slaves and free, the official rites of marriage, they both retained their own separate last names in the county records of the day.  From this union was born George Scranage (b. circa 1808 - d. 1879), an only child, and the common ancestor of all those who bear the Scranage surname in Caroline and King George Counties.  Although born and living in King George, Ann and George Scranage kept alive their family ties in Caroline County.  About 1844, he married a woman of Caroline County named Elisa and from this marriage were produced a family of 2 girls and 2 boys: Lucy, Eliza, Wesley, and Cornelius.  The eldest, Lucy Scranage (b. circa 1846) married Eugene Fortune of Caroline and from them are descended many of the Fortunes of Port Royal and vicinity. From Wesley and Mary are descended most of the Scranages of the Dahlgren, Shiloh and Owens areas, as well as the Chambers family of Caroline County and some branches of the King George Holmes family. The third child Eliza Scranage (b. circa 1853) married William Colin from which came the Colin family of lower Spotsylvania County and upper Caroline County.   The youngest child, Cornelius Scranage (b. circa 1860) married Mary Johnson (b. circa 1853) of the Tibbs - Johnson families of King George.  Their descendents form a branch of the Scranages that took up farming in the area between St. Pauls and Passapatansy.

While both girls married men of Caroline County and produced large families, the brothers remained in King George County to marry and make livelihoods as farmers.






King George County Marriages:


Bumbrey, Ann Eliza                            Prior, Clay 1865 19

19 (d) Thomas & Betsey             21 (s) Calvert Jones


Bumbry, Caroline                                  Washington, John 1867

25 w (d) Mary Smith                           23 (s) Jane Shanklin


Bumbrey, Mattie                         Washington, David 1870

35 (d) Jane Bumbrey                                48 (s) Richard & Eveline W.


Bumbrey, Rose                         Johnson, James 1874

20 (d) Galloway & Harriett                       22 (s) Charles & Dolly


Taylor, Fanny                                       Bumbrey, John 1876

17 (d) Beverly & Cath.                26 (s) Thomas & Betsey


Tate, Mary F.                                             Bumbry, Robert 1877

17 (d) Ed & Mary                            20 (s) Galvin & Win.


Bumbrey, Mary                         Scranage, Wesley 1877

17/6 (d) Giles & Louisa             24/9(s) George & Eliza


Dixon, Rosa                                        Bumbrey, Richard 1878

22 (d) Richard & Rachel                         27 (s) Henry & Kezziah


Taylor, Virginia M.                             Bumbrey, Madison 1881

17 w (d) Beverly & Cath. Taylor             26 (s) Giles & Louisa


Bumbrey, Priscilla                                  Jordan, Andrew 1881

22 (d) basset & Susanna                      24 (s) Horace & Hannah


Peyton, C. Ida                                     Bumbrey, James 1881

21/6 (d) Warner & Millie             23 (s) Thomas & Betsey


Bumbrey, Lucy                         Jordan, Alexander 1884

17 (d) Thomas & Betsey             21/5 (s) Charles & Sarah J.


Taylor, Laura                                       Bumbrey, Giles 1884

14/7 (d) Beverly & Cath.                24 (s) Giles & Louisa


Bumbrey, Rosalie                                  Bumbrey, Richard 1884

18 (d) Bassett & Susan               27 (s) Giles & Louisa


Bumbrey, Nancy                                     Miles, William 1884

20 (d) Bassett & Susanna                      23 (s) David & Elizabeth


Bumbrey, Sarah                                     Johnson, Charles 1885

18 (d) Giles & Louisa             25 (s) Charles & Dolly


Williams, Mary                            Bumbrey, John G.

1886 26 (d) Richard & Mary                26 (s) Bassett & Susan


Bumbrey, Lilly                         Jackson, Benjamin 1887

30 (d) James Parke & Col.                         29 (s) Daniel Branson & Hannah Jackson


Bumbrey, Maria                                     Johnson, William 1888

17 (d) Basset & Susan 24                    (s) Henry & Mary


Bumbrey, Fannie                         Beverley, Benjm. 1890

23 (d) Galloway & Sophia                         28 (s) James & Lucy


Davis, Mary V.                                Bumbrey, James P. 1891

18 (d) Henry & Sarah                           22 (s) Bassett & S.


Johnson, Amanda                                  Bumbry, Bassett,Jr. 1892

18 (d) Hiram & M.                            26 (s) Bassett & Susan


Bumbrey, Margaret                                 Dunlop, Thomas 1896

20 (d) Basset & Susan               28 (s) George & Cath.


Bumbrey, Lizzie                                     Williams, John 1897

22 (d) Galloway & Sophia                         23 (s) George & Maria


Bumbrey, Grace                                     Dunlop, James 1899

16 (d) John & Frances                      27 (s) Lee & Martha


Bumbrey, Susan                                     Johnson, Thomas H. 1900

25 (d) Basset & Susan               30 (s) Wash. & Sarah


Bumbrey, Kate                           Johnson, John 1900

19 (d) Richard & Rose                23 (s) C. F. & Virginia


Bumbry, Missouri                                 Beale, Andrew 1900

18 (d) Madison & Virginia Mary             34 w (s) John & Eliza


Washington, Sarah                           Bumbrey, Riving 1902

23 (d) Perry & Susan Brooks                         22 (s) John & Frances


King, Alberta                                                 Bumbrey, Chastine 1903

18 (d) Louisa King                            20 (s) James & Celia


Scranage, Lou Alice                           Bumbrey, Lenan 1906

23 (d) J. W. & Cath.                            32 (s) G. A. & Louisa


Bumbrey, Rosa L.                                 Bumbrey, Giles L. 1906

37 w (s) Basset & Susan               45 d (s) Giles & Louisa


Triplett, Eliza                                        Bumbrey, George 1906

23 (d) Sally                                        26 (s) Galloway & Sophia


Turley, Minnie B.                                Bumbrey, Joseph 1909

23 (d) W. L. & Ida                           41 w (s) Thomas & M. E.


Graves, Emma Belle                           Bumbrey, George 1910

20 (d) Daniel & Martha                         31 w (s) Galloway & Sophia


Bumbrey, Jessie                                     Hodge, John 1911

15 (d) J. B. & Amanda                      23 (s) George & Charlotte


Bumbrey, Nannie                                     Robinson, Jesse 1911

16 (d) J. B. & Amanda                      23 (s) Albert & Anna


Winston, Cora                            Bumbrey, Richard H. 1911

18 (d) Frank & Eliza                            23 (s) Richard & Rose


Bumbry, Mamie B.                                Scranage, Willie L. 1913

19 (d) James & Mary                            30 (s) Wesley & Mary


Williams, Annie B.                                Bumbrey, James M. 1914

23 (d) William & Eliza                24 (s) James H. & Celia


Bumbrey, Addie                                     Scranage, Edward 1915

23 (d) J. P & Mary S.                                 22 (s) Wesley & Mary


Triplett, Adlees                                     Bumbrey, Isiah 1915

21 (d) Bartlett & Mary                31 (s) James & Celia


Robinson, Martha                                     Bumbry, Bassett 1916

55 w (d) Charles & Rosa Stark             77 w (s) John & Henrietta


Bumbrey, Pratt N.                                Pryor, Nelson 1916

16 (d) James P. & Mary S.                     25 (s) William & Mary


Johnson, Carrie                         Bumbry, Lomax 1917

19 (d) Charles & Sarah               22 (s) James P. & M. V.


Bumbrey, Eunice Irene                Grymes, Julian E. 1917

21 (d) William & Elizabeth                     22 (s) N? & Lizzie


Ashton, Bell                                         Bumbrey, John G. 1917

43 w (d) Unk & Mariah Robb             57 d (s) Basset & Susan


Bumbrey, Rosie                                     Washington, William 1917

24 (d) Richard & Rose                39 w (s) Albert & Sarah


Brooks, Mae B.                                     Bumbrey, James H. 1920

56 w (d) Martha Brent               60 w (s) Thomas & Bettie [adopted]


 Johnson, Mary E.                                 Bumbrey, Galva 1920

19 (d) Bankhead & Mary                22 (s) Richard & Rose


Bumbrey, Maude S.                                 Ford, David 1920

16/10 (d) James P. & Mary V.             34 (s) Henry & Susan


Johnson, Beatrice R.                              Bumbry, Matthew L. 1921

19 (d) Daniel & Emma             23 (s) James P. & Mary V.


Johnson, Elizabeth                                 Bumbrey, Lomax 1922

20 (d) David King & Louise Johnson 26 d (s) J. P. & Mary


Bumbrey, Eva M.                                Triplett, Lawrence 1923

22 (d) Mary Bumbrey                    25 (s) Bartlett & Mary


Bumbrey, Mary                         Brooks, Richard 1928

63 w (d) Martha Brent               73 w (s) Richard and Frances


King George County Death Records:


Bumbry, No Name c f 1865 No Date King George County Pneumonia Age: 4m Parents: Bumbry, Gattway & Sophia Born: King George Co. Informant: Stuart, R. H., Head of Family


Bumbry, No Name (twins) 1877 Aug 1 King George County Unknown Age: 1/2d Parents: Bumbry, Lilly Born: King George Co. Informant: Bumbry, Lilly, Mother


Bumbry, Henry c m 1877 Jun 10 King George County Bilious Fever Age: 2y 6m Parents: Bumbry, Bassitt & Susana Born: King George Co. Informant: Bumbry, Bassitt, Father


Bumbrey, Louisa c f 1878 Nov 10 King George County Consumption Age: 45 Parents: Unknown Born: King George Co. Spouse: Bumbrey, Giles Informant: Bumbrey, Giles, Husband


Bumbrey, Giles c m 1881 Aug 1 King George County Gravel Age: 71 Parents: Unknown Born: King George Co. Farmer Widowed Informant: Bumbrey, Giles, Son


Bumbry, Mary c f 1885 Sep 20 King George County Unknown Age: 9 Parents: Bumbry, John & Fannie Born: King George Co. Unmarried Informant: Bumbry, John, Father


Bumbry, No Name c f 1885 Feb 18 King George County Unknown Age: 1d Parents: Bumbry, Robert & M. F. Born: King George Co. Informant: Bumbry, Robert, Father


 Bumbry, Laura E. c f 1886 Nov 13 King George Co. Unknown Age: 2y 5m Parents: Bumbry, Madison & Mary Born: King George Informant: Bumbry, Madison, Father


Bumbry, - c m 1890 Sep 25 King George County Unknown Age: 1m 5d Parents: Bumbry, Richard & Rose Born: King George Informant: Bumbry, Richard, Father


Bumbry, Carrie B. c f 1890 Aug 13 King George Co. Bilious Fever Age: 1 Parents: Bumbry, James H. & Celia Born: King George Informant: Bumbry, James H., Father


Bumbry, William H. c m 1890 Jun 15 King George Co. Dysentary Age: 1y 6m Parents: Bumbry, Madison & Mary Born: King George Informant: Bumbry, Madison, Father


Bumbry, - c f 1890 Nov 30 King George County Unknown Age: 13d Parents: Bumbry, Richard & Rosilie Born: King George Informant: Bumbry, Richard, Father


Bumbrey, Ida c f 1892 Jul 29 KG - Strawberry Hill Unknown Age: 11d Parents: Bumbrey, Madison & Mary Born: Strawberry Hill Informant: Bumbrey, Madison, Father


Bumbrey, Otis c m 1892 Jul 25 KG-Washington, DC Cholera Infantum Age: 1y 6m Parents: Bumbrey, Joseph & Julia Born: Society Hill Informant: Bumbrey, Joseph, Father Records in Court House not associated with work included here:


Heirs of Maud Bumbrey - 10 September 1935

Adele B. Hill age about50 (sister)

Cora Lyles age about 47 (sister)

Thomas Bumbrey age over 21 (brother)</XMP>