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Welcome back to my webpage!!!

In honor of my Father...U.S. Navy Veteran...
who lost his courageous fight against cancer March 1st, all of the brave men and women in our Armed Forces who I served with, the troops who served before me, the ones who serve still, and to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country and for freedom all around the globe...I salute you!!

The Watch
For over twenty years,
this sailor has stood the watch
While some of us were in our bunks at night,
this sailor stood the watch
While some of us were in school learning our trade,
this shipmate stood the watch
Yes, even before some of us were born into this world,
this shipmate stood the watch
In those years when the storm clouds of war were seen brewing on the horizon of history,
this shipmate stood the watch
Many times he would cast an eye ashore and see his family standing there needing his guidance and help,
needing that hand to hold during those hard times,
but he still stood the watch
He stood the watch for over twenty years
He stood the watch so that our families,
our fellow countrymen and we could sleep soundly in safety,
each and every night knowing that a sailor stood the watch
Today we are here to say 'Shipmate... the watch stands relieved.`
Relieved by those you have trained, guided, and lead.
“Shipmate you stand relieved… we have the watch…”
"Boatswain…Standby to pipe the side...
Shipmate's going Ashore..."

I have the watch Dad...

Here's a pic of the type of machine I work on...driving from 50 feet in the air can be a bit intimidating, but i'm getting the hang of it.

Above is the latest picture of my 1989 Dodge Dakota, Bertha with my good friend Steve (he abandoned us here in Virginia for the good life out there in Washington State, but we love him anyway!!). Bertha sports a 3.9l v6, 5 speed tranny, 1966 Ford Bronco axles (Dana 30 and Ford 9"), a custom lift, and 36.5X14.5X15 for Steve...i'm not sure if I want to know what he's sporting!! Check out some then and now Bertha pics!!
Bertha1 Bertha2 Bertha3 Bertha4 Bertha5 Bertha6 Bertha7 Bertha8 Bertha9 Bertha10 Bertha11 Bertha12 Bertha13 Bertha14 Bertha15 Bertha16 Bertha17

08 August 2005 We finally found a house that we absolutely love and closed on it two days ago! We really wanted to build our own on a big piece of property but we weren't able to find a lot that was buildable and reasonably priced anywhere in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. Can you say 28x32 detatched garage with heat and A/C....(insert Tim Allen Grunts!!)
North Carolina here we come!

08 December, 2005 Well we're still in a rental...waiting on our tenants new house to be finished...i'm so close to throwing their belongings on the front lawn it's not even funny!! Their final inspection is scheduled for tomorrow...if their new house doesn't pass, look for me on the news because i'm going to hurt someone!!

10 December, 2005 We started moving in today!!! Our rental has been okay, but I am so happy to be back in a house of our own!!! One more night and we'll be permanent North Carolina residents!!
nchouse1 nchouse2 nchouse3 nchouse4 nchouse5 nchouse6

Check out some pics of our old house...
house1 house2 house3 house4 house5 house6 house7 house8 house9 house10 house11 house12
house13 house14 house15 house16 house17 house18 house19 house20 house21 house22 house23
house24 house25 house26 house27 house28 house29 house30 house31 house32 house33 house34 house35 house36 house37 house38 house39 house40 house41 house42 house43 house44 house45 house46 newhouse1 newhouse3

Above is a pic of our babies, Chica and Rita. Attempt to enter our house uninvited, or mess with my truck, and the dogs will attack!!!! DROP THE CHALUPA!!!!!! Step away from the Dakota...don't make us sick the beasts on you!!!!
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