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Last Update:
July 28, 2002
Al Clark scores against the Vipers
Photo by
Tennessee Valley Vipers Booster Club

Roanoke Steam
4420 Electric Road, SW
Roanoke, VA 24014
Phone: (540) 76S-TEAM
Fax: (540) 767-7777

Home: Roanoke Civic Center
Head Coach: Steve Jerry
Mascot: Stanley the Dragon
Team Colors: Electric Green,
Grape, Black, White

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Cape Fear

Speed @ Wildcats



August 3, 2002

Division Standings

Cape Fear13-3

TSP Top 10

Team Record
3Tenn Valley13-3
7Cape Fear13-3

Last Week

Arkansas 61
Bossier City 51

New Haven 54
Rochester 50

Columbus 54
Mobile 33

Cape Fear 67
Charleston 28

Birmingham 77
Louisville 34

Jacksonville 64
Tallahassee 61

Albany 57
Mohegan 27

Augusta 60
Norfolk 45

Caroilna 63
Richmond 59

Quad City 58
San Diego 41

Pensacola 58
Florida 44

Macon 58
Tenn Valley 48

Peoria 71
Memphis 26

Hawaii 46
Fresno 36

Tulsa 57
Bakersfield 50

Upcoming Games

August 3

Rochester (7-9) @
Albany (13-3)

Richmond (12-4) @
Cape Fear (13-3)

Augusta (13-3) @
Macon (13-3)

Florida (9-7) @
Tallahassee (9-7)

Birmingham (11-5) @
Tenn Valley (13-3)

Arkansas (11-5) @
Tulsa (14-2)

Wichita (6-10) @
Peoria (11-5)

San Diego (7-9) @
Bakersfield (9-7)

Listen to the games live on the net at or on 910 AM Roanoke

Welcome Arena Football 2 fans to The Steam Page, the first fan page dedicated the coolest team (and game) in town. I'm speaking of course of the Roanoke Steam and Arena Football 2. If your new to arena football, I recommend checking it out. It's a blast. Roanoke fans, lets get out there and support OUR TEAM. And fans of other teams, swing by on a road trip. The worst that can happen is you go home unhappy.

As always,


Steam News:

7/28/02: Playoffs Set to Start This Week
The Steam finished tied for third with Norfolk in the Atlantic division well behind Cape Fear and Richmond. 16 teams will continue their season in the playoffs, not necessarily the best 16, as Roanoke (Bossier City and Pensacola too) is a better team than San Diego, Bakersfield, Wichita, Tallahassee, Florida, and Rochester all of whom are in the playoffs. That's the curse of being in the best division in the league where 4 teams finished .500 or better.

7/20/02: Steam Win Season (Franchise?) Finale
The Roanoke Steam wrapped up an 8-8 season by trouncing the woeful Greensboro Prowlers 46-22 in Roanoke. Greensboro looked awful, and Roanoke had their way throughout. The biggest mystery was not if the Steam would win, but would this be the final win and final game in team history. From what I have heard, the league is pursuing one last local ownership option in an effort to save the franchise. But I've also heard that the team's office lease in Tanglewood Mall expires at the end of this month. So expect to hear something soon.

A special thanks to all the players, coaches, cheerleader, trainers, and front office personnel who perserved through a tough 2002 season. We hope to see you back in 2003.

I'll be working on updating the season stats, roster, and records page soon and putting out the best and worst of the 2002 season.

Fun Stuff

Best And Worst of the 2001 Season A look back at the good and bad moments of the past season.

Best And Worst of the 2000 Season A look back at the good and bad moments of the Steam's first season.

Team Logos (Cool Collage of all the Team Logos) Just for the hell of it.

The Wardog Race

Team Current
Upcoming Opponents Chance to Escape?
Mobile Wizards 0-16 Congratulations to Mobile, YOU STINK!

The Helmet Project
All of the helmets used on this website come compliments of The Helmet Project. This is a great site to find any kind of football helmet that you would like. They have all of the present day helmets and those of yesteryear for colleges of all levels, NFL, XFL, Arena, AF2, World League, etc. Very highly recomended site. Check it out!!


NOTE: This page is not affiliated with the af2 or the Roanoke Steam. It is simply a fan site, and as such all opinions and comments posted here do not reflect the opinions of the league or the team.