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- thiSS iSS my new (to me) 1984 Monte Carlo SS - the car haSS 68,000 mileSS on it and iSS all original - everything checkSS out on the car - almoSSt every option!! - it will need a little work, aSS you can SSee, but nothing I can't handle (hopefully) -
- thiSS picture SShowSS you one of the main thingSS that made me buy the car - low mileage on an all original SS, and thiSS almoSSt flawleSS interior - there iSS a tiny tear in the driver SSide SSeat, and a little crack haSS SStarted on the driver SSide daSSh, but I'm not too worried about it -
- juSSt the gauge cluSSter - pretty SSweet huh?? -
- yeSS I know it iSS going to need SSome work, but thiSS iSS the reaSSon I got a deal on the car!! -
- I plan on getting thiSS baby to the road firSSt, real SSoon - the body work comeSS next - then it will eventually be a SShow car - everything iSS SSo SStraight on thiSS car that it only needSS the body work and a good paint job to be SShow quality - it will remain all original while it iSS mine - other than: I will be upgrading the AC to R12 and I will alSSo inSStall a nice keyleSS entry and car alarm SSystem - I can't wait to get thiSS baby all finiSShed and show it off - and imagine, I SSaved thiSS SS from becoming a partSS car!! -
- making HASSTE to come to a bumper near you very SSoon!! -

February 9, 2002 
Paid down payment of $500. Received the title for the car, Carfax print outs, and receipts for the car.

February 11, 2002
Called GM for a free Chevrolet restoration packet for an 84 Monte Carlo SS.

February 13, 2002

Decoded VIN:

Country - United States
Manufacturer - General Motors
Division - Chevrolet
Restraint System Type - Non-Passive Restraint, Manual Belts
Series - Monte Carlo
Body Style - 2 Door Notchback Coupe
Engine - 112 (1.8L) 2 BBL. / 305 (5.0L) 4 BBL. Hi Output
Check Digit Ė 2, Matches
Year - 1984
Production Plant - Arlington, TX
Sequential Number - 208,861

Looked up Standard SS Features for 84:

Engine: 5.0 Liter 4BBL V8(HO)                 L69
Suspension: Sport                                        F41
Axle Rear: 3.42                                           GU6
Gage Package                                              UF7
Sport Mirrors: LH Remote, RH Manual      D35
Rally Wheels                                                ZJ7

Looked up Optional Features for 84:

Air Conditioning                                          C60
Axle, Rear: Limited Slip Differential          G80
Battery, Heavy Duty                                    UA1
Center Console                                             D55
Defogger, Rear Window                              C49
Door Lock System, Power                           AU3
Floor Covering: Matts, Front & Rear           B37
Glass, Tinted                                                 A01
Headlamps, Halogen Hi-Beam                      TT5
Heater, Engine Block                                    K05
Lighting, Auxiliary                                        TR9
Mirrors: Sport Remote Twin                         D68
Radio: AM Radio                                          U63
Radio: AM/FM Radio                                   U69
Radio: AM/FM Stereo                                   U58
Radio: AM/FM Stereo Cassette                     UN3
Speakers: Dual Rear                                      U81
Antenna: Fix Black Mast                               US6
Speed Control Automatic                               K34
Steering Wheel: Comfort Tilt                        N33
Trunk Opener: Power                                     A90
Windows: Power                                            A31
Windshield Wiper System: Intermittent        CD4

February 17, 2002
Picked up car for $700, total cost of $1,200. Odometer reads 68,   . Removed CB mounting bracket from passenger side.

Compared RPO codes. Codes appearing on sticker are highlighted.

February 18, 2002
Removed passenger side seat for room to set tools and parts. Removed steering wheel center and horn button. Removed AC/Heater controls. Replaced bulb for the light under the hood. Greased all hinges, buttons, latches, etc. Removed the air filter and housing, and the snorkel for access to the carburetor and engine. Set idle up to 1,200rpms. The engine was idling down for some reason. Probably choke related, I canít get the car warm enough to do any good. Unbolted fan shroud and unhooked the positive battery cable from the post. Some of the smaller problems Iíve discovered are that the power locks arenít working, and the heater fan isnít working. I was afraid that the lights werenít switching from dim to bright and that the turn signals werenít working but when I moved the steering column around they worked. Once I tighten the tilt steering it will fix that. As far as I can tell all of the lights on the vehicle inside and out are working and have good bulbs. I bought a steering wheel lock plate remover today for $9.99. I also bought a harmonic balancer/steering wheel puller for $14.99. The total price for both tools including tax was $26.10.

There are three projects that I will concentrate on first:
1. Tighten tilt steering.
2. Fix heater fan.
3. Fix or replace radiator.

February 19, 2002
GM Restoration Packet delivered by UPS.

I started the project to tighten my tilt steering today. I spent an hour and a half on it and have disassembled basically everything that has to be removed. I am having some trouble releasing a spring where a large screwdriver must be used to depress the spring housing far enough to rotate it a quarter turn clockwise and release the spring. Where I was pushing on a square hole in the center of the housing it has stretched out and Iím afraid I may have damaged it. After I release the spring, two pivot pins must be removed. These are going to require some rigging or a special GM tool. Iím thinking about going ahead and purchasing the tool from the GM dealer tomorrow. Hopefully I will finish the tilt steering project on Thursday.

Iíve decided to put the heater fan problem aside for right now, because it does not need to be fixed to get the car on the road. Another problem I will worry about later is that the power locks donít work. I think I have to go into the door panels to find and fix this problem.

The coolant level in the reservoir is staying at the same level. Before, when Iíd start the car, I could feel antifreeze hitting my face when I stood beside the engine. There is probably either a pinhole leak that would do this, or the antifreeze is hitting the fan, which is throwing it out. The wetness on the radiator bothers me, but the fact that the coolant is staying where it is makes me feel good about it. The plan is to finish removing the shroud so that I can see the radiator. Iím going to use some sealer and see if that fixes it, hopefully it will, otherwise itís getting yanked and Iíll replace it when I get the money.

The next project will be to use some Seafoam and an oil change in order to get that lifter or whatever it is to stop pecking. Otherwise Iím going into the engine and adjusting valve lash, etc. Not something I would really look forward to, not while Iím trying to get the car on the road in a pretty short amount of time. Itíll just be one more project that will put things on hold.

I plan on changing the transmission filter and gasket for the pan as well as all my fluids in the car. I want to make sure myself that everything is in good shape as far as new fluids go.

With the time and money I have, I should be able to complete a project every week.