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!!Welcome G-Body Lovers!!

1982 Blue Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Don't mess with a Monte!

Hello and welcome to my web page all about my car. When I was about ten years old my Dad pointed a Monte Carlo SS out to me and asked if I liked it. I had always liked Camaros but this car looked sort of classy, and sporty at the same time. I said yes, because I thought it was different and by the time I was twelve I discovered that there was an old white Monte Carlo at the shop.

It turned out that a 1982 Monte Carlo diesel had been bought and an '83. The object was to put them together. Each car was $200. This was an attempt of getting me a cheap car that I would like. The car did a lot of sitting between the time it was bought and the engine was ripped out. Then it did more sitting before the new engine was slapped in. My mechanic was snowed under and the Monte was sort of forgotten by everybody for quite a while. Annoying things were happening at the same time. It is apparently a pain to rewire a diesel car for a gas engine, at least mine was. Not only that, but the gas tank needed replacing, and parts were slow coming in. I had been driving a 1972 Ford Ranger for the time my Monte was unavailable.

Finally one day my Monte Carlo was picked up and brought back to our shop (we would have been doing this "project", except for my Dad's extremely busy work schedule). At this point, sometime near Christmas break, the car was white with a blue vinyl top and had a 305V8 in it that sounded a little less than good. The interior was dark blue but had faded in places. Taking a closer look at things, all of the sitting the car had done was not good for it. Parts on the engine had gone bad between the transfer and needed replacing. There were serious carb problems and other minor bugs that would have to be figured out. We hoped it wouldn't be true, but the car obviously needed painting. Also, the blue vinyl top was pretty rough. Half of it was folded over and hail had torn it to shreds. I was pretty angry. The car had suffered more damage in the time that it was supposed to be getting worked on than it had before we owned it. To make a long story short, what was supposed to be my first car had the engine tuned, interior taken out, dyed, and put back in correctly, and was painted. Yes the vinyl top disappeared. So what color did we paint the car? I had thought about purple, black, blue, white, and even yellow. After two weeks of asking my friends for suggestions and thinking over it and over it again, I finally decided on a mettallic blue. I could not have chosen a better color. It was the second to last day of school of my Junior year when I was able to drive my "new" "first" car to school.



Metallic blue with chrome and navy blue trim, SS spoiler, 4" cowl hood, Pilot driving lights, Belltech lowering, 86 SS aluminum wheels, tinted windows


Chevrolet 5.7L 350ci V8 240hp, ported and polished aluminum high rise intake, Q-Jet carb, K+N open air element, cloned SS stainless steel exhaust


TH-250C 3spdAutomatic w/lock up torque converter, 3.42:1 limited slip rear differential


Redone shadow blue cloth interior, bench seats, blue neon lights, SS steering wheel.


Audiovox CD player AM/FM, I replaced the two original 4x10's with Pyle 180wattx2 4x10's (what a mess), Coustic 400SE Amp, 15" sub, I replaced the original front 3" 1/2's with Eclipse.

Planned Modificationsb>

TES headers

White racing stripes

minor engine mods

COMING SOON-Cadillac 500ci Swap!and otherAdventures of the Blue 82!