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Stay to experience the spirituality in Varanasi
Welcome to Varanasi's Most Known Hotels & Lodges
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Hotels with Individual Web Sites(Please send a copy of email at with Hotel's name in subject. This allows us to better follow up the booking process)
Hotel Vaibhav
Hotel Vaibhav, newly built is Certified Three Star Hotel in Varanasi. A click to the website launched at shows the beautiful and clam look the Hotel gives. Reception, Rooms, Restaurant and Bar- all very classic!!

Hotel Pradeep
Hotel's Web Page at is what one must see to appreciate the real essence of the Hotel. Its unique traditional design, the atmosphere of ambience that it mantains with excellent service. It has truly good looking rooms at relatively much lower rates.It is one of the most likeable places to stay in the city.

Hotel Temple on Ganges
Located on Assi Ghat this hotel gives an excellent veiw of the long string of Ghats along the Ganges.The dim red,blue lights on roof-top give a majestic image to the hotel in the night.You can see,feel and know more about this hotel at
The sunrise veiw:

Hotel Varuna
Located centrally in the city the hotel is opposite Sigra Police Station.The hotel's main essence is its ever-expanding facilities that includes conference room,swimming pool in the near future.Check out the Hotel's Web Page at to see the dynamic nature that it possess.

Hotel Alka
Next to Golden Temple on the Meer ghat, this hotel is class apart.There is open space to sit and feel the Ganges. The restaurant veiw captures the beauty of the Ganges. Hotel's Web Page is at

Diamond Hotel
Varanasi is known by many names, but Diamond Hotel is known by one name- Hospitality. Check out the magnificient lobby, clean rooms and beautiful restaurant at: Reserve a room for yourself before you visit Varanasi !

Radiant YMCA Tourist Hostel
YMCA is a trusted name. Radiant Servives, the only one in Varanasi to encash 36 countries, have now joined YMCA to start this tourist Hostel in a calm, central place in Varanasi. You can get full details about them at their Web Site at:

Hotel Barahdari
Although it is stone throw distance from town area and ten minutes walk to the Ganges, the Peace and 'Shanti' can be felt in the Hotel. See the Hotel with its beautiful garden at its web site at

Hotel Arya
This is clean and very approachable hotel on the Main road, next to Goudalia at Sonarpura. The Hotel's pride is it's beautiful roof top restaurant, serving continental and South Indian Food. Managed by N.R. Naidu, has good staff and very well mantained. Shopping complex is just under the hotel, with a medicine shop also owned by the Hotel itself. Phone: 313869. Fax: 314847. Web Site:

Lodges and Guest Houses- with Area Stated. Please email at: for booking deatils in any of the Lodges and Guest Houses.

Trimurti Guest House (Area: Golden Temple, Varanasi)
Yes, here is the guest house in the old city, giving you something unique to see- from every room you can see Golden Temple and the mosque.The roof gives long distance veiw of the city-BHU Temple,DLW Chimney. Ph:323554.Tickets are arranged for all over India and Nepal. East West restaurant is a clean one.

Hotel Son Mony(Area: HarishChandra Ghat, Varanasi)
The key feature is from this guest house you can see the "Burning Ghat" and all rituals associated from all of your rooms. The Ganges water can be viewed from every part of the Hotel. This hotel proposes to have five floors, with all the modern facilities. Wow! Just for you, Hotel Son Mony is just on top of the HarishChandra Ghat. Address: HarishChandra Ghat itself.

Hotel Sunrise (Area: Pandey Haveli, Varanasi)
Very clean Hotel at Pandey Haveli. Is centrally located between BHU and Golden Temple. Has electric cold and hot shower supply. The key feature is its roof top from where you can see most of Varanasi including Ganges.Ph.321224

Hotel Buddha (Area: Lahurabir, Varanasi)
The most spacious rooms (with high ceilings) in the town at an affordable price of 110 to 310 Rs. for single travellers, and 150 to 350 for doubles. Rooms are equiped with telephone facilities and colour TV. Next it has a peaceful garden restaurant. Facilities include 24 hrs. hot & cold water, Air ticketing, Bus/Train reservation, .Location: C. 26/35, Lahurabir. Ph: 344376, 343686. Fax. 511020

Hotel Ajaya (Area: Lahurabir, Varanasi)
All rooms attatched with running Hot & cold water, with telephone. Hotel Ajaya rooms cost between Rs. 150 to 450 for single, and Rs. 200 to 500 for double. Location: Lahurabir. Ph: 343707, 344763. Fax: 347224

Sandhya Guest House (Area: Shivala, Varanasi)
Located Shivala Ghat, its on the main road and very central. See Ganga, Assi Ghat, Benares Hindu University, Monkey Temple- all are walking distance from this place. Features it has- Roof top restaurant, library, ticket booking.Ph: 313292.

Ganga Fuji Home (Area: Golden Temple, Varanasi)
A unique place to stay in the heart of the old city for Budget Travellers.Next to the world famous Golden Temple.Address:D-7/21 Sakarkand Gali.Ph.327222,327979.Fax:320676

Hotel Gautam (Area: Ramkatora, Varanasi)
Location at Ramkatora. Its away from the main road of the city at a peaceful site. It is delux 5 storeyed centrally air conditioned hotel located 10 minutes from Cantt Rly station, 30 mins. from Airport and 0.75 Km from River Ganges. Phone: 46239. Fax: 344020.

Ganpati Guest House (Area: Golden Temple, Varanasi)
This is for the most spectacular veiw on Ganga away from the hustle and bustle of the city.And there is a seperate staircase built specially for you to go and stand right next to Holy Ganges.Besides, it is next to Golden Temple.Address:D-3/24,Meer Ghat.Ph:327110 This is run by Chiku.His Mobile no.:9839059232.Sheenu restaurant has dishes to suit your taste.

Sahi River View Guest House (Area: Assi Ghat, Varanasi)
Newly opened the Guest House has the most fascinating Ganges views(See Name) and the exotic sunrise from its balconies, rooms and terrace. Location is right on Assi Ghat,next to Harmony Book Shop. All rooms have 24 hrs hot water with attatched bathrooms. Fax them at 312548, 313695. Phone: 313796, 313712. You will get a very homely touch. Monkey Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, BHU and Red Fort are very approachable.

Musical Guest House (Area: Assi Ghat, Varanasi)
Near Assi crossing as its name suugests there is music in it.Every Tuesday at 7.30p.m. concert is held.Plus if you want to learn local vocal and instrumental music teaching facility can be made available in the guest house.This small guest house has 5 rooms with attatched bathroom.

Om Vishwanath Lodge (Area: Sonarpura)
The Lodge, beautifully decorated from outside, is located off the Main Road at Sonarpura.The advantage is it is located near River Ganges and has a beautiful roof top restaurant. All 18 rooms have attatched bath running Hot and Cold Shower. Yoga Lesson facilities are available.Further, the Lodge has Pooja Silk Handicrafts- a Specialist of Bed Spreads. The shop has a range of Handwoven Silk Brocades, Printed Sarees, Scarfs etc. Phone: 313869.

Sita Guest House (Area: Deshaswamedh Ghat, Varanasi)
Its on Ganges at the Main Ghat.The beauty lies in it being so close to Ganges that you feel you can literally touch the river with your hands.Address: Chausatti Ghat, Bengalitola. Phone: (Reception)324061 (Proprietor)324060 Fax:352823.It has 20 rooms with hot shower.Note that telephone incoming facility is free.Besides Air ticketing is available-'Easy Travel Services'. Also tickets for Nepal etc. possible.Rate:Single-Rs.50-125,Double-Rs.125-250

Safari Guest House (Area: Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi)
Hanuman Ghat is very close to the Burning Ghat-"Harish Chandra Ghat". So, Safari Guest House provides an appropriate location to see "Burning Ghat". It has everything- veg and non veg. food served in the restaurant, cold drinks and good tour guides. Exact address: B. 5/291, Awadhgarbi(Hanuman Ghat). Ph: 315408

Shiva Ganga Lodge (Area: Shivala, Varanasi)
The guest house has an open space with rooms around it. The open space directly leads to excellent views of the Ganges. Since its very close to the "Ganges", and off the main road the atmosphere is very calm. Exact address: By Chet Singh Fort, B. 3/155, Niranjani Akhara, Shivala Ghat. Ph: 314689.

Dr. Thripathi's Guest House (Area: Shivala, Varanasi)
The key feature is that this guest house is the most centrally located. Whether you want to go to the Monkey Temple or the well known Golden Temple, staying here you are at the center. Further, it has classes for Vagyoga and Sanskrit, which means you can learn without running around. See about these classes at Address: B.3/131A Shivala. Phone: 311706. Fax: 314615.