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Writen as my gift dedicated to the PSDB, because they DIDN'T know the game system this supplement originally belonged to


The Phantasy Star Role-playing Game


By ROMeo ( )


Well, seems I finally did it, my tribute to what I consider one of the greatest RPG series of all time. Phantasy Star 2 was the very second RPG of my life (the first being Lunar) and, even if when I played it for the first time nearly every technical aspect of the game was already outdated, I loved the storyline, the characters, and nearly everything about it.

Well, being now evident the fact that I'm one of those few proud familiar with that wonderful sci-fi game written by TSR and now owned by someone else, game whose name starts with “A” but that now I cannot name, mainly because I would be infringing a product Identity forbidden to me by the d20 Open Gaming License.... well, where was I? Oh yeah, as the rest of the world doesn't seem to be familiar with that wonderful game, here I am, re-adapting my game setting to a gaming system that not only people is more familiar with, but that also I can use legally, as long as I do my best to adhere to their terms.

Oh, which also reminds me. As you already know, this gaming supplement uses the d20 system, which means that I don't have to go through the pain of reformating and posting the whole game mechanics here. If you're not familiar with the d20 system, you can download the complete rules at

Now, as the setting is concerned: it is AW 3010, barely 50 years away from the Pioneer project. This setting will take whoever chooses to play a role in this story to the last days of the Algo star system, to a society that finally got back the former glory of the old days of the Motherbrain by themselves this time, and that attained the according degree of decadence, pollution, and otherwise humanity as society that such levels of progress bring along usually.

Oh... and by the way. This site can be considered UNDER CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION, as I'll be constantly tweaking things, adapting monsters, and adding stuff as the occasional game session requires =)

A CALL TO COMMON SENSE. Despite all my efforts, I still haven't found any reasonable way to explain many of the PS conventions, like the fact that that furry blue life forms live in the desert planet (Motavia) while the reptile life forms live in the arctic planet (Dezoris), or the fact that space travel technollogy was so completely ignored for more than 1000 years, or the thing I find more frustrating, the fact that Algo's civilization evolve so damn SLOOOOOOWLY.... sorry, I'm an earth human, and as such, I still can't figure out how can a culture take as long as 4000 (maybe longer) years in reaching the atomic age while we just took 2000 to get from the bronze age to the information age/fusion age. Of course Phans have already reconciled with those lacks of common sense long ago... If you haven't yet then just try to live with them... and if you're not even a Phan then I pretty much don't know what are you doing reading this anyway.

A note to PS fans, a darkened flavor: In this setting, covering Algo's last days, I'm picturing an algoian civilization that finally got to high progress level by their own means, and a society that, throughout the course of a millenium, evolved in a way much like our own, although on different tracks. The end result may be you all Phans flaming me to death for turning PS into a darkfic. All I can hope about it is that you either like it or just don't flame me too badly.

Finally, to the PSDB and the PSP: I hope you like this better this time =P.... thanks to Joel Fagin, Dudleytyke, and all those that helped my with my PS doubts. Also, Swann, Yoko, Zanza... I'm sorry, I don't think Rolf will be back online anytime soon as I sold my v2 disk two weeks ago, the dam thing would never get online and we all knew it, so there was no point in having my 70 dollars frozen in a useless disk. I may do online visits every once in a while, but I'm still mad at sega's discriminative technical support policies towards latins so I don't know how often I will be visiting.

Israel .ROMeo. Reyes


  1. Phantasy Star, the PS logo, and all related characters and such are registered trademarks of SEGA. I claim no ownership to any of their trademarks, and no money profit is being gained from this writing.

  2. Througout the course of the reading, you may find theories or devices that MAY appear to belong to other games (ion engines, 3D storage media). However, over the course of this 4 years, such theories have already been developed, implemented, and patented (the Ion engine was field tested in the year 2000, the 3D storage media is a patented property of Bell Labs, and by now the Skycar is ready to start being manufactured in Brazil if I'm not mistaken).
  3. The WONDERFUL scans of the PS collection are courtesy of James Maxlow. James, you are the best =)
  4. I heard about Nethreon in a CWE. I ignore who the author might be, but if he contacts me I'll be glad to give him due credit =)
  5. Accept it miss Agrias, MIDIs suck big time! Long live the PS Collection CD!!! =D