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Hello, welcome to the website of Interactive Story! I have changed the site completely, it used to be called Dreams Underneath a Surface and it was all about Hanson. But as you can see, not anymore, it's only about my fan fiction Interactive Story There are some other links to other fan fictions and to other stuff.

About the story: first of all remember my language is NOT English, it Spanish; so my grammar and my spelling are not perfect. The story has this name because when you reach certain chapters you have to choose what you want to happen in the story. I have been trying to correct every chapter, but it's going to take a while and I am also adding new chapters.

The 3rd part of bad Taylor has been updated, I think that's the most exciting and "chill producer" of all he-he.

This is 100% fiction, the story contains sex so I recommend people over 14 to read it.

Chapter 1 Love Song

Chapter 2 Welcome to Miami, bienvenido a Miami

Chapter 3 Surprise!

Chapter 4 Middle of Nowhere

Chapter 5 Alone

Chapter 6 Bad News

Chapter 7 You

Chapter 8 Late!

Chapter 9 And week goes by...





Last update: 16/04/05

Thanks Michi and Laura for the graphics! If you want to link your site please email me


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