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STARDATE 10107.4

AUG. 15, 2001 VOL 18 ISSUE 4

The Official Chronicle of the Oldest STARFLEET Chapter in Virginia. The United Starship Jamestown in year 19 of her on-going mission.


"Region 1's 'STARSHIP OF EXECLLENCE' for 2000"


These are the voyages of the Starship Jamestown . . . Her on-going mission: To strive to be recognized in our community as reflection of the ideals expressed in Star Trek. When other human beings are unable to help themselves, when the environment of our planet is endangered and needs assistance to replenish itself in order to sustain this and future generations, and to encourage others in extending our reach "From the sea to the stars" . . . the crew of the U.S.S. Jamestown will be the ones to say "LET ME HELP."


The U.S.S. JAMESTOWN, NCC-1843-D, commissioned September 8, 1982, is the Virginia Peninsula Chapter of STARFLEET, an International "STAR TREK" Fan Organization. STARFLEET and the U.S.S. JAMESTOWN are NON-PROFIT entities.

The "STARDATE" is a publication of the U.S.S. JAMESTOWN. Articles not otherwise credited are those of the Editor. Views expressed are those of the author(s), and may not represent the opinions of this or other JAMESTOWN departments or the Ship. The information and commentary therein are in no way intended to infringe upon the copyrights of Paramount Pictures, Inc. The work herein remains the property of the author. STARFLEET chapters may reproduce part of the "STARDATE," provided this credit is used: "(author), U.S.S. JAMESTOWN, "STARDATE (issue number)".



All submissions must be neat, legible, and preferably typed or on disk. If on disk, submission should be done as a DOS text file which ends in ".TXT". It can also be E-mailed to "VEKMA@JUNO.COM", "CAPHEWITT@JUNO.COM" or "SRCAPVAWV@JUNO.COM. The name and address of the author must be enclosed. If the name is to be withheld, notification to the Editor should be included with the submission.

Dated material must be submitted to the Editor not later than the 20th of the MONTH PRIOR TO PUBLICATION. Material not dated may be submitted at any time, and will be included in the newsletter at the discretion of the Editor, though the Commanding Officer has final say as the newsletter’s final content. The "STARDATE" is closed on the 5th of the month of publication. Send all entries to:

COMM Richard W. Hewitt

254 Cherokee Drive

Newport News VA 23602

Please feel free to call Richard (757-833-0117) if you have any questions or suggestions! Member’s input is always welcome...


Submission Deadline Month issue Mailed

December 20th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . January

March 20th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April

June 20th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July

September 20th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . October




CAPT JOHN WINSLEY (CO) AT 757-850-4590,







HAMPTON, VA 23669-1916


The Ship’s Web site:



Remember to visit one of the following Friends of the ‘Jimmy-T’ for your STAR TREK needs.


50 West Mercury Blvd., Hampton VA 23669-2509

Phone # (757) 723-5003

or at

452 Denbigh Blvd, Newport News, VA 23608-3806

Phone # (757) 877-3756


22 S. Mallory St., Hampton VA 23663-1708

Phone # (757) 723-3741


878 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News VA 23601-1303

Phone# (757) 595-5917

SEW-WRITE (Anne P. Marsh, Proprietor)

112-d Production Dr., Yorktown VA 23693-4024

Phone # (757) 596-2240


700 E. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk VA 23518-3710

Phone # (757) 587-2540


9825 Jefferson Ave., Newport News VA 23605-1141

Phone # (757) 595-9005



Commanding Officer’s Report…

Stardate: 10107.04

Fleet Captain John Winsley Reporting…

Greetings and Salutations…

First, if you did not notice I was promoted to Fleet Captain about two months ago. Richard finally received the certificate in June and read the promotion at the meeting (even though I was not there at the meeting). Anyway, on to ship’s stuff.

We have been extremely busy for the last three months. Cutting coupons, staining fences and selling candy for charity. We raised $545.00 for the March of Dimes. We also donated $150 to the American Cancer Society, $100 to Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters and $42 for the American Diabetes Association. I am very proud of the efforts the ship's crew has gone through to do these things.

This brings me to a different subject, our treasury. At the beginning of May 2001 we had $646.16 in checking and as of June 12, 2001 we had $53.16 in checking. The XO, CMDR Marilyn Romero briefed this to the crew at the last meeting. The XO and Ship’s Treasurer were asked how this could happen. A number of people (including the staff) saw the total numbers in the checking account and evidently did not realize that most of the money had been collected for charity through various means. We collected $150 in candy sales, $30 in raffles and $100 staining fences for the March of Dimes (Total of $280), $66 was collected for raffles, and $94 staining fences for the American Cancer Society (Total of $150), $100 staining fences for CHKD and $42 staining fences for the American Diabetes Association. That is a total of $572 that went through the ship's treasury that some people were thinking was available money for the ship. Also during this period we sold things in the ships store and paid for some things we required. We paid our insurance bill that was $208 and we purchased Linda Leonardy’s laminating machine for $40. The total details are in the ship's treasury report. That is where the money went. At the time when we paid our yearly insurance bill, I noted to the staff that this would only leave around $50 in the ship's checking account. Not enough to do business through the rest of the year. At our last staff meeting the Staff and I discussed the treasury and what we need to do and why it got there. We decided that we would have raffles at the next two meetings (June and July 2001) and an emergency auction to bring the ships treasury back up. I have been collecting various things to auction. So come to the August meeting with lots of money. We will have a lot of items to auction off.

Regional News:


E-Mail From: RAdm. Willy Smith, Region 1 VRC-RDC Program Director


Without going into details at the moment, if anyone is interested in becoming the Regional Division Chief for:



Please write me privately and I'll tell you what requirements are needed. Also, at this time I don't have a deadline set for either but I can tell you it won't be too long (I'll post the deadline date when I have time to figure it out)

I look forward to hearing from you.

RAdm. Willy Smith, R/1 VRC - RDC Program Director


The ship and members of the ship received the below awards for the year 2000.

REGION ONE STARSHIP OF EXCELLENCE YEAR 2000 (Region One Starship of Year Runner Up): USS Jamestown NCC-1843-D

REGION ONE CLASS OF EXCELLENCE YEAR 2000 (Region One Commanding Officer of the Year): Captain John Winsley – USS Jamestown

REGION ONE HONOR ROLL YEAR 2000 (Cadet of the Year):

Act. Ens James Winsley - USS Jamestown




The STARFLEET web site has been rebuilt to have a new look. Come check it out. The web site is:


STARFLEET was founded on a program that details the "History of the Future" and now, here's your chance to own the first version of STARFLEET International's compiled history, courtesy of the SFI Historian.

The CD contains the current Regional Genealogies, all the Electronic Communiqué’s (STARFLEET's bi-monthly Newsletter), the short and long form of the Starfleet History, various Starfleet Logos, the American Astronaut Files, the "Spacecraft of Earth, Volume One, 1959-2061" book, Portraits of Most of the Fleet Admirals, and the Ship/Rocket/Starship Evolution Charts, plus the Year 2000 April Fool's CQ, and the most recent Vessel Registry. Information on the SFI

Historian Information CD can be found at STAR FLEET Web Site:


STAR FLEET Membership processing has finally worked out the problems they have been having and membership processing is back running smoothly. There were some teething problems in the first four months of this year.

Well that’s it. Keep up the good work!!

FCapt John Winsley

Signing Off….



STARDATE 10107.01


Greetings, crew of the Mighty Jamestown! It is hard to believe that the Federation Science Exhibit is now history. It was an exciting couple of months for the club. The Jamestown and the I. K. V. Bat’Leth sponsored one final event in April, which was the "Klingon-Starfleet Blood Feud 2001" to benefit the American Red Cross. The special guest was J. G. Hertzler, Chancellor Martok from "Deep Space Nine." The final tally was 77 pledges for the Klingons and 101 pledges for Starfleet. We all had a great time.

We had a much smaller contingent for the March of Dimes Walk America, which was also held in April. Even though some of us were among the last to finish, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.

On May 26th, we attempted to have a picnic at Bethel Park. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible. A thunderstorm and unrelenting rain forced us to cut the picnic short. We did manage, however, to have some remote control car races and celebrate Capt Winsley’s birthday (which was earlier in the week) before running for cover.

In May we had a brief business meeting and afterward invaded the USS Maat. We enjoyed visiting and socializing with them. In June we also attended the Maat’s annual Casino Night. See Mike Romero’s article about Casino Night elsewhere in this issue.

The Jamestown still has a few vacant positions on the Command Staff. Contact Capt Winsley or myself if you are interested in filling one of these positions.

And finally, I am sad to say we have to bid farewell to the Lerew family. Heath is leaving the Navy and returning to civilian life. They will be missed.

Live Long and Prosper.




STARDATE: 10106.27

COMM Richard W. Hewitt,

Recording . . .

Well, here is another issue and the end of another year. The Annual Region One Awards were announced at the Region Summit at the end of April. We won "Starship of Excellence" (that means we were the runner up to the "Starship of the Year") but we did not win anything for our newsletter.

I am keeping this issue small because of two reasons. First, the ship is running a little low on money so I am cutting back on the size of the STARDATE to help. The other reason is that I did not receive any stories to run this time. That brings me back to the fact that I always am in need of stories from you, the members of the JAMESTOWN. So, please put those pens to paper and write those stories for the STARDATE.

It has been pointed out that a lot of people are unable to figure out what issue of the STARDATE you are looking at. So I have started putting on the cover of each issue the normal date and what volume and issue it is. If you look at the upper left-hand corner of this issue you will see that it states that this is the July 15, 2001 issue and that it is the 18 volume 4 issue. I hope this will help.

I would like to acknowledge the Ships that are part of our newsletter exchange program. They are: "The Short Circuit," USS MAAT in Virginia Beach, VA; "Czar'ak Log," USS CZAR'AK in Richfield, MI; "The Observer," USS CEYLON in St. Louis, MO; "The Legend," USS ATLAS in St. Ann, MO; "Tikopai Express," USS TIKOPAI in San Jose, CA; and "Halo & Flame" (this is an e-mail newsletter only), USS ANGELFIRE, Phoenix, AZ. I for one enjoy reading the newsletters from the other ships. If I missed anybody, I apologize and I will try to get it into the next issue. We will be losing one of the newsletters as they are going to an e-mail form and will not be printing a hard copy. I will miss the "Czar'ak Log."

If you have some pictures you would like to see in the STARDATE, just get them to me and I will see if I can use them in the next issue. You can give them to me as a normal picture, or if you can scan them and send them to me, I will have a head start on getting them into the newsletter. As always, I need your stories, artwork, and reports turned in to me NO LATER THAN THE 20th OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO PUBLICATION. For those dates just check the first column on the 2nd page. It is very easy to get your reports, stories, and artwork to me. 1) Just give it to me at a meeting. Please type it, or put it on a disk. If on a disk, please have it formatted for a PC and save it as a text file (*.txt). 2) E-mail it to VEKMA@JUNO.COM (this is our XO Marilyn Romero's email address). Once she has reviewed it, she will send it to me.

Editor of the STARDATE



STARDATE: 10106.27


108th MSG OIC, Reporting . . .

Well, there isn't much to report this month. For anyone who didn't buy a Marine pin when we ordered them initially, I believe Lee has a couple left at seven dollars each. If not, we now have a mailing address that will work and we should have no problem ordering more. Also for any Marines who are interested in having a copy of the Marine force manual, the latest copy is available for download at the Marine Academy web page. You can link to it from the STARFLEET Web page. That's all for this month.

Lt. Colonel Schreck Signing off


Treasurer's Report

Stardate: 10106.13

CMDR Lee Vitasek Reporting

Once again, it's time to report in and let everyone in on the latest scoop on the condition of the Treasury Department. We are hurting kinda bad this time around. We are real low on funds. We have $50.00 in the petty cash, and only $53.16 in our checking account. We need to do something to bring more money into the club. We have been doing some brainstorming, and have come up with a few ideas to make some money. We are going to be holding some raffles at the meetings, and we are planning an auction soon. Also under consideration is a game night (like the Maat's Casino Night). We will be having a yard sale/bake sale on July 21st. Although, whoever would want to buy a yard is beyond me (ha-ha).

We also have, in the ship's store, various items for sale. We have shirts of all sizes, hats, and many other items. I hope to be able to sell some of these things at our meetings. The ship needs the money! Also, if your Starfleet membership is due (or past due) for renewal, please renew it at this time. You can either go on-line and renew with a credit card, or you can fill out an application and pay your Treasurer, and I will mail it in for you. We suggest that you pay the Treasurer for the simply reason that if something goes wrong, we can track it for you.

That's all I have to report on at this time, so until next time, this is CMDR Lee Vitasek signing off.


CMDR Mary Ann Winsley

Signing On ...

Stardate: 10107.05

Chief Medical Officer Reporting

Hi Everybody,

I hope you all have had a wonderful three months since my last report. In May 2001 we made a donation of $100 to the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society funds various research into all types of cancers and provides a lot of information in the prevention of cancer. Below is a quiz on cancer.

1. Men have a higher lifetime risk of developing cancer in general than women.

True False

2. Half of cancer deaths are accounted for by cancers for which there are screenings.

True False

3. A non-smoker living in a heavily polluted city has the same chance of getting lung cancer as a smoker living in a city with little or no pollution.

True False

4. Whether a person gets cancer has more to do with family history than age.

True False

5. One-third of all non-skin cancer deaths are directly related to diet and physical activity level.

True False

6. African Americans are more likely to develop cancer than persons of any other racial or ethnic group.

True False

7. Nearly one-third of breast cancers are hereditary.

True False

8. More Americans die from lung cancer than from any other cancer.

True False

Take the test. The check it against the answers below:

1. True. In the Discovery Health Channel/American Cancer Society survey, 67% of Americans did not know that men are at a higher lifetime risk of developing cancer in general than women.

2. True. Half of all cancer deaths are by cancers for which screenings are available. In the Discovery Health Channel/American Cancer Society survey, 77% of respondents knew that cancers for which there are screenings account for half of cancer deaths.

3. False. Smoking is a greater risk factor than pollution for lung cancer. In the Discovery Health Channel/American Cancer Society survey, 65% of respondents incorrectly believed that a non-smoker living in a heavily polluted city has the same chance of getting lung cancer as a smoker living in a city with little or no pollution.

4. False. Age is a greater risk factor for cancer than family history. I n the Discovery Health Channel/American Cancer Society survey, 65% of respondents incorrectly believed that family history is a greater risk factor than age.

5. True. One-third of all non-skin cancer deaths are directly related to diet and physical activity. In the Discovery Health/American Cancer Society survey, 64% incorrectly believed this to be false

6. True. African Americas are more likely to develop cancer than persons of any other racial or ethnic group. Although African Americans have experienced higher rates of cancer for many years, there have been some key improvements in recent years. Death rates for all cancer sites combined have declined substantially among African Americans since 1991, as have incidence rates since 1993. In the Discovery Health Channel/American Cancer Society survey, 56% or respondents incorrectly believed this to be false.

7. False. Although having a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) with breast cancer doubles a woman's risk and having two first-degree relatives increases the risk five-fold, about 90% of women who develop breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease. In the Discovery Health Channel/American Cancer Society survey, 73% of respondents incorrectly believed that one-third of breast cancers are hereditary.

8. True. More Americans die from lung cancer than from any other cancer. Lung cancer accounts for 28% of all cancer deaths. More people die of lung cancer than of colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined. In the Discovery Health Channel/American Cancer Society survey, 55% of respondents responded correctly to this question.

Note: I got this quiz and answers from the American Cancer Society Web Site. There is a lot more information on their web site. It is

Signing off, CMDR Mary Ann Winsley



AUG. 19, 2001 at 2PM

SEPT. 16, 2001 at 2PM

OCT. 21, 2001 at 2PM


Operations Report

Commander Eric VanArsdale

Chief Operations Officer


Many of you probably remember the Omega Flyer that I designed a few months ago. I am currently working on the design for the Stellar Class Multipurpose Warp Shuttle Pod. That is all for now.

Commander Eric VanArsdale, Chief Operations Officer

"All Systems Operational"


Security Department Report

Stardate: 10106.14

CMDR Linda Leonardy


There are only two things I have to report. The first is that I have turned in my resignation as Security RDC for Region One to RADM Willy Smith. I feel that I can not adequately do the type of good job that the security personnel of Region One are entitled to. It would be unfair to continue as their RDC. Ergo, I decided to resign my post.

The second thing is I’m giving serious consideration to resigning as the Jamestown’s Chief of Security. Due to family pressures, I feel like I can not participate in the required staff meetings – even if it’s via a speakerphone. My family apparently doesn’t want to support me in any – or hardly any – Starfleet of Jamestown activities. I do not foresee this situation changing anytime soon. I feel I may not have any choice but to resign.

I wish all of you well.

CMDR Linda Leonardy signing off. . .


Chief Engineering Officer's Report

CMDR Lee Vitasek Reporting

Stardate: 10106.13

It's me again, your Chief Engineer and his trusty sidekick, Scotty (the two-legged one, not the four-legged one). There's not much going on in the Engineering Department at the moment. About the only thing Scotty and I have planned at this time is the Hampton Library has asked us to supply a few people from the Jimmy T to come for an afternoon children's reading group on the 17th of July. I have asked Scotty if he would like to go, and I think he might say yes. Scotty and I have been discussing other events that could take place where he could come with me. I get the impression that Scotty likes the Jimmy T. I think he may want to join the ship someday. Scotty especially likes all the attention he's been getting from the women (not to mention the Klingons). I'd rather have his luck than a license to steal!

I can't think of anything else I need to report on at this time, so for now, I will say Qa'pla.

CMDR Lee Vitasek, Chief Engineer

Signing Off


Report From Deputy O.I.C.,

108th Starfleet Marine Strike Group

MCpt Mike Romero

Stardate 10106.22

Greetings to my fellow crewmembers aboard the USS Jamestown.

I am home after completing my first year at Virginia Tech. It was a bumpy ride at first, but things have smoothed out for the time being. For much of the summer, I will be doing what I can to help out with Jamestown functions and operations. Most of my work for the ship will be done on the website,, as there are prospects of a new department opening up which will need adding to the website. I’d like to remind all department heads to send me any information regarding their departments they would like posted online at their department’s site.

In the meantime, I’m trying to help LTC Shreck (the Starfleet Marine, not the recent ogre movie star) with keeping the ship’s Marine Strike Group running and helping it to grow. With the help of VADM Thomas, he has unit patches in the works and we will hopefully have those available within a few months. I am planning several updates to the MSG’s page on the Jamestown website, as well as a page for the 7th Battalion of the 1st Brigade, of which Jason is the O.I.C. and I am his deputy. Since I am starting to take on a leadership role at the Battalion level, I have decided to switch my specialty away from the Special Operations branch. I recently transferred to the Support Branch and am now an officer within the SFMC’s Judge Advocate General Corps. I can now help Jason by suing people he doesn’t like and, if all works according to plan, recruiting Catherine Bell of the television show JAG to the Jamestown.

If the recent Casino Night held by the USS Maat is any indicator, it seems that the Jamestown’s Marines have all the luck. Our usual high rollers went broke after a very unlucky few hours at the Craps table. Fortunately, I was able to make a good showing for the Jamestown as I won two games of Starfleet Life and made a very good amount of money playing Pyramids. I managed to hold my own in the auction and raffle drawings, generally coming away with a fairly impressive haul. At the end of the night, I had accumulated approximately 255,000 credits and was able to take third prize. Second place was given to RADM Greg Staylor with about 600,000 credits and one of the Maat’s cadets took first with a cool 1,000,000. I will be donating at least one item to the next Jamestown auction from my winnings. All in all, I would say it was an enjoyable evening for all, though not necessarily lucky.

This brings up a different point. In talking with the Maat’s CO, Tammy Willcox, I heard that the Maat would be losing their usual room for Casino Night to reconstruction at the college. If they can’t find another large enough space for a reasonably small amount of money, we may have seen the last Casino Night. I for one do not want this to happen. I have broached the subject to Tammy and to the Jamestown’s Command Staff of the USS Jamestown taking over the Casino Night tradition. We’d make this a joint effort with our friends on the Maat as they have all the good games, though I am sure our talented crew can come up with a few good ones on their own. Of course, the original issues remain: money and location. If anyone out there knows of a fairly large space we can use for a night without a great deal of expense, I urge you to contact someone on the Command Staff. Of course, the Jamestown is in the process of starting fundraisers to boost our own treasury, but this is something that can be kept in mind for the long term. If you have an idea and do not know how to contact anyone on the Command Staff, I’ll be glad to pass your message along. Just talk to me at the meeting or email me at

That is all I have for now. I hope this report finds all of you well. Until next time, this is MCpt Mike Romero signing off by saying that light at the end of the tunnel may be you…



Membership Report

Stardate: 10107.04

Fleet Captain John Winsley


Membership Totals since last report: 44

In-Process Renewals 07

Expired Memberships needing to renew 06

Total STARFLEET Members 43

STARFLEET’s records have us at 36 members with 11 in-process or needing to renew. I would like to welcome back an old member: Mark Defrancisco. Note all our members needing renewing in June 2001 have had their membership renewals sent in to STARFLEET. Below is the info on people who need renewing or their renewal dates are coming up. Also note we have a lot of members needing renewal in August 2001. Don’t wait till the last minute to renew your memberships.

Expired Needing to Renew

Member Name SCC Number Expiration Date

Ens Victor Coll 49017 03/16/01

Ens V. Denise Ricks 47977 04/15/01

Cdt-4 V. Chris Ricks 50178 04/15/01

Cpl Matt Burch 49013 04/27/01

Cdt-4 Adam Zalonis 51698 05/18/01

Ens James Zalonis 51697 05/18/01

Upcoming Renewals:

July 2001

Member Name SCC Number Expiration Date

1LT Clay Oliver 51741 07/24/01

Mona Wallace 53420 07/29/01

August 2001

Member Name SCC Number Expiration Date

Cmdr Marilyn Romero 44863 08/26/01

MCapt Michael Romero 22203 08/26/01

LTjg Ron Romero 22202 08/26/01

WO Bobby Brinkley 54490 08/29/01

Cdt Chris Hewitt 50605 08/14/01

WO Jennifer Hewitt 10167 08/14/01

Comm Richard Hewitt 10233 08/14/01

Cmdr Scott Melrose 16079 08/14/01

Cmdr Paul Payne 21595 08/29/01

FCapt John Winsley 19972 08/30/01

Cmdr Mary Ann Winsley 19973 08/30/01

AEns James Winsley 19974 08/30/01

September 2001

Member Name SCC Number Expiration Date

WO Mel Frizzell 54563 09/26/01

Cmdr Alice Roy 22269 09/26/01

Capt Lori Vaughan 47328 09/07/01

Cdt Adam Vaughan 53510 09/07/01


To renew your membership you can either pay the Ship’s Treasurer, Cmdr Lee Vitasek at one of the meetings, or mail a check or money order (payable to the USS Jamestown) to Lee at his home address: 3125 St Mihiel Ave, Norfolk VA 23509, or you can pay by credit card on the STARFLEET Web Site: Renewal Costs are: $15.00 for one member, $22.00 for a family of two, $25.00 for a family of three, $28.00 for a family of four, $31.00 for a family of five and $34.00 for a family of six.

Captain John Winsley… Signing Off…


Remember, each member should save and BRING the following items to each meeting. .



Over Seas Coupon Project Report..

Stardate: 10107.04

Communications Channels open….

Fleet Captain John Winsley Reporting…

Hi Crew! Below are our present totals for the Over Seas Coupon Project. We just sent our latest shipment on June 19, 2001 to Yokohama, Japan. Our next Coupon Cutting Party will be August 11, 2001.

Collected since the last shipment:

Food: $00,663.68

Non Food: $01,549.63

Total last shipment: $01,518,37

Total shipped in 1998 $03,861.06

Total shipped in 1999 $25,273.07

Total shipped in 2000 $19,517.12

Total for 2001 $03,731.68

Total since 1998 $52,382.93

Thanks for all the help!!!!

Captain John Winsley, Signing Off….



STARDATE: 10106.27

COMM Richard Hewitt

Last month we went to the MAAT's Casino Night and we had 300 stamps to use there. The members who were there had a good time and the credits they got from the stamps came in handy.

During the last three months I have received stamps from John Winsley, Lee Vitasek, and myself again. Right now we only have about 60 stamps (after using 300 at the Casino Night) this period. We will have to work hard if we are to reach the goal I have set, which is to collect at least 1000 stamps this year. So start collecting those stamps!

COMM Richard Hewitt, signing off . . .


Battered Women’s Shelter


Stardate: 10107.4

Commander Mary Ann Winsley Reporting


Greetings Crew…

I would like to thank all those in the crew who donated items for the Battered Women’s Shelter. Especially I would like to thank Tira and Heath for handling delivering the items to the shelter. We will miss you! Below is the list of items donated. Our next collection for the battered Women’s Shelter will be at the October 2001 meeting.

1 16 lb box of laundry detergent

3 Books

1 Bag of cotton balls

2 Trial size toothpaste

2 Trial Pack Cold Remedy

1 Box Potato Buds

1 Mini Oatmeal Express

5 Cans of Baby Food

1 Can Static Guard

1 Jet Dry Mini rinse

4 Pk assorted Baby Juice

2 Pk Listernice Paste

2 Trial Johnson’s Baby Powder

4 Trial size Lotion

2 pk ladies razors

2 Trial Size Scope

1 trial size Listerine

1 trial size conditioner

2 trial size Johnson's Baby shampoo

1 6-pk Kitchen towels

1 6-pk dish cloths

3 12-piece silverware sets

7 canned food

2 18oz. Jif Peanut Butter

2 3 piece twin sheet sets

1 5-pk hand towels

1 Bag of Ice melt

7 pair of socks

1 pair of gloves

5 Viactiv bars

1 purse caddy

3 body glitter

1 Sparkling Body gems

4 Pair of earrings

4 Necklaces

2 key chains

3 lip gloss

7 Bracelets

3 throw rugs

8 pair ladies jeans

15 various household decorations

8 pair ladies pants

14 ladies dresses

3 skirts

5 sweaters

30 shirts

1 sheet set

1 set of plates

1 set of cups, bowls

3 sweatshirts

8 pair of shorts

4 packs of vitamins

1 Bar of Soap

3 pair shoes

1 curling iron

Commander Mary Ann Winsley

Signing Off….



JULY 2001

July 17, 2001 Library Visit to Hampton Public Library, North Hampton Branch

July 24, 2001 Staff Review of Constitutional Amendments

July 28, 2001 Model Hobby Work Shop at Ben Franklin's in Newport News

July 28, 2001 Promotions and Awards Board Meet before Party (see next line)

July 28, 2001 Coupon Cutting Party and Stupid Movie Night


Aug 11, 2001 Bake Sale/Yard Sale at the Winsley's House for the Ship's Treasurery,

8 AM to 1 PM

Aug 19, 2001 Membership Meeting and Auction for Treasury

Aug. 25, 2001 Model Hobby Work Shop at Ben Franklin's in Newport News


Sept 15, 2001 Ships Anniversary Dinnerat the Golden Palace Restaurant

Sept 16, 2001 Membership Meeting

Sept 28-30 Slanted Fedora Convention in Raleigh, NC

Sept 29, 2001 Model Hobby Work Shop at Ben Franklin's in Newport News


Oct 21 2001 Membership meeting and Collecting items for Battered Women’s Shelter

Oct 26,27 Hunted House at the Virginia Air & Space Center


"The KLINGON – STARFLEET Blood Feud 2001"

A Blood Drive for the American Red Cross

Submitted by FCapt. John Winsley,

With VADM Stephen Thomas (Ret.),

It happened Saturday, April 21st, 2001, at the Virginia Air and Space Center (VASC) in Hampton, Virginia. With the captains of the classic and current starships ENTERPRISE, VOYAGER and Deep Space Nine in the Star Trek Federation Science exhibit looking upon the proceedings; and "Chancellor Martok" of the Klingon Empire officiating, the "feud" began.

To benefit the American Red Cross, the Imperial Klingon Vessel

Bat'Leth challenged the STARFLEET Starship USS Jamestown to a "blood feud"--the side collecting the most in blood donations winning the feud.

This event was put together by USS Jamestown member and founder VADM Steve Thomas (Ret). When he was CO of the USS Jamestown, the idea of the blood feud was discussed informally as a project with Tracy Phelps, the current IKV Bat'Leth CO ("Fleet Captain Kai"), but it never went beyond that stage at the time. After attending the January meeting of the IKV Bat'Leth, Steve thought that now would be the time to take on the project; especially if it could be done at the VASC with the "Federation Science Exhibit" there.

Katrina Stevens and Ydalmi (ee-DOLL-mee) Noriega of the American Red Cross loved the idea! Kristina Anderson of the VASC also liked the idea of hosting the event and Tracy Phelps (IKV Bat'Leth) jumped on the idea right away. After returning from my "love boat" cruise on board the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship "Explorer of the Sea" with my lovely wife and USS Jamestown's CMO Mary Ann Winsley, I agreed that this was a great project that would be fun. I believed this project would especially embody the USS Jamestown's motto, "Let Me Help." The Command staff agreed, and we all set about to make the "KLINGON-STARFLEET Blood Feud 2001" a success. With only two months planning, preparation, and blessings from above, the day of the "blood feud" finally arrived. How would the public respond?

When we all arrived at 9am, there were already people lined up outside to come in and donate blood! We came in early so that we could donate our own blood and so the Klingons would have time to hydrate and rest before suiting up for the feud.

Special guest was John "JG" Hertzler, "General/Chancellor Martok" of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, sponsored by the VASC. He was very easygoing and entertaining. He performed a "Klingon rap" (think of "Vanilla Ice" as a Klingon!) that he and Robert O’Reilly will perform at Star Trek: The Experience; and he performed with the very funny sci-fi sketch comedy troupe "Luna-C." And not only did he bring some great items as giveaways (an autographed script, a plaque of the starship DEFIANT given to cast members at the end of DS9); he also donated blood! It was great having him there. Additionally, the VASC was celebrating "Earth Day," that also happens to be a concern of Mr. Hertzler’s. He gave a talk about the importance of the environment and how we should protect it.

Mr. Hertzler made the day of some Girl Scouts who were there by drawing and autographing caricatures of himself as "Chancellor Martok." This was something he only did for them. Just think about what they might be worth someday!

Local favorites, the sci-fi comedy troupe "Luna-C," held two performances at the Blood Feud. They’re based here in Hampton Roads and are a must see should they perform at a convention near you. They’ll be performing at "Shore Leave" in Maryland this July. One of their troupe members is Helen Madden, the infamous "Xena: Warrior MilkMaid. Her routine is a howl and is also a must-see. Check out the following sites on the webs:

Luna-C at and

the Warrior MilkMaid at

There were giveaways of Trek items throughout the afternoon. Thanks to Paramount Pictures and to Mr. Hertzler, some folks walked off with great collectibles. Some giveaways were bottles of "Star Trek Altair Water," chirping commbadges, a copy of Peter David’s "Requiem" and more!

And of course, the event was a great opportunity to promote the USS Jamestown and STARFLEET. The event garnered nice newspaper coverage and Steve managed to get a TV spot done at the last minute, featuring myself being challenged by Fleet Captain Kai!

As the steady stream of blood donors came in, they stated the side of their allegiance. The first tally found STARFLEET leading the Klingons 35 to 20. The second tally 81 to 55. At the end of the day, it was STARFLEET who beat the Klingons 102 to 77! Actually, these numbers combined is the number of all the people who came to give blood, but 156 pints were actually collected. Some who came couldn’t donate for various reasons. The blood donations raised surpassed the expectations of the Red Cross by half! Steve had a personal goal of 150, based on a blood drive the USS CHARLESTON held, where over 140 pints of blood were collected. His goal was surpassed by five pints.

At the end of the event, with Fleet Captain Kai scowling nearby, JG Hertzler presented the "Blood Feud" trophy (created by Tracy Phelps the night before) to me, and I proudly accepted on behalf of the victorious USS Jamestown crew and STARFLEET!

We are now looking ahead to the "KLINGON-STARFLEET Blood Feud 2002: Revenge of the Klingons!" At that time, we hope our sister ships will come and help us keep the blood feud trophy on the STARFLEET side.




Captured from

Web Site by FCapt John Winsley

Captain Jonathan Archer - Played by Scott Bakula

Character Biography

Intensely curious. Born and raised an explorer. Unlike the Starfleet captains in centuries to come, he exhibits a sense of wonder and excitement, as well as a little trepidation about the strange things he will encounter. He holds a grudge against the Vulcans, who he blames for impeding humanity's progress. But his science officer is Vulcan, and he's struggling to reconsider those preconceptions. Although he has a strong sense of duty, he's a bit of a renegade - he's not afraid to question orders or even disobey them if he feels in his gut that he's right.

Actor Biography


Scott Stewart Bakula, eldest son of Stewart (a corporate lawyer) and Sally Bakula, was born 9 October 1954, in St Louis, Missouri. He has two siblings: Brad and Linda. At an early age he had a great interest in music and loved performing. Through out school, he had rock bands from the fourth grade on and sang in the choir. He had the starring role in a local production of Amahl and The Night Visitors at the Kirkwood Presbyterian Church, Missouri. He was educated at Kirkwood High School, St Louis, MO. He graduated in 1973 and then attended the University of Kansas. About halfway through his sophomore year in college, he realized that accounting and pre-law was not for him and did not satisfy his love of music and theater. He changed his major to theater.

He moved to New York in 1976 and appeared in a large variety of musicals over the next ten years. Scott’s first Broadway debut was in 1983, where he played Joe Di Maggio in Marilyn, An American Fable. Scott Bakula’s first break into TV came when he appeared in two commercials. One, dancing and singing the praises of Canada Dry and the other talking about the amazing de-caffeinated Folgers Coffee "De-caffeinated coffee?, and I’m waking up".

During the years of 1986 – 1988, he appeared and starred in various TV shows, Designing Women, Matlock, My Sister Sam, a Disney movie The I Man, Gung Ho and Eisenhower and Lutz. It was during a Writers strike and after Eisenhower and Lutz had folded that Scott was offered the lead role of Alfred/Sam in the Broadway musical Romance, Romance. He was nominated for a Tony Award in 1988 but he lost to Michael Crawford in Phantom of the Opera.

Soon after this successful musical, Scott was contacted by his Agent, about a new TV show Don Bellisario had created. He read for the part of Sam Beckett, the time traveler and won the role starring alongside Dean Stockwell, his holographic friend. This highly acclaimed TV series earned him a Golden Globe award and four Emmy nominations for best actor and a further three Golden Globe nominations and four VQT awards (Viewers for Quality Television) Unfortunately, the show was cancelled in 1993.

Scott proved himself to be a very capable Director as well by directing three of the episodes himself Scott, then moved on to do thirteen episodes of Murphy Brown, playing FYI reporter and Murphy’s love interest, Peter Hunt. His work on this show won him another VQT award for best specialty player. In 1994, he appeared in a TV variety special with Carol Burnett, "Men, Movies and Carol", where he displayed his wonderful talent for singing and dancing. Within the same year Scott also made a guest appearance on Dream On, a two-part episode. From the years 1994 till 1999 he has starred and appeared in both feature and TV movies.

SubCommander T’Pol - Played by: Jolene Blalock

Late 20s, early 30s. Vulcan female. Austere yet sensual. She's the Science Officer assigned to oversee humanity's progress on board Enterprise. Although she's cautious and guarded around humans, whom she considers primitive and irrational, she's developed a grudging respect for Captain Archer. She'll become one of his most loyal and trusted crewmembers.

Commander Charlie Tucker - Played by: Conner Trinner

Chief Engineer. Early 30s. Goes by "Spike". A Southerner who enjoys using his "country" persona to disarm people. He has an offbeat, often sarcastic sense of humor. Spike was handpicked by Captain Archer, who is something of a mentor to him. Although Spike is a brilliant Engineer and an outstanding officer, he has very little first-hand experience with alien cultures, and he's often a "fish out of water" when dealing with new civilizations.

Commander Malcolm Reed - Played by: Dominic Keating

Armory Officer. British. Late 20s - early 30s. In the new age of humanity's enlightenment, Reed is a bit of a throwback. He's a 22nd Century "soldier", all spit and polish and by the book. Reed is filled with contradictions. Despite his near-obsession with munitions, he's soft-spoken, shy and awkward around women. When testing a new weapon, he's liable to put on a pair of space-age earplugs because he doesn't like loud noises.

Lieutenant Travis Mayweather- Played by: Anthony Montgomery

Helmsman. African American. Mid to late 20s. A unique product of 22nd Century life, Mayweather was raised on cargo ships. As a result Travis is more "interstellar" than even the Captain. He's traveled to dozens of planets and met many different alien species. Mayweather has an 'instinct' for space-travel that few humans possess. Travis's closest friend is Spike. Similar in age and spirit these two will spend their off-duty hours finding new ways to enjoy life in space.


Doctor Phlox - Played by: John Billingsley

Exotic alien. Medical officer. Appears to be in his 40s, but we're not certain of his real age. Phlox speaks with a slight alien accent and has an eccentric sense of humor that no one quite understands. He thinks that humanity is fascinating. The Doctor has filled Sickbay with all sorts of bizarre medical instruments, alien plants and spores, and stasis chambers with small, living creatures. He practices a brand of "Intergalactic medicine" the likes of which we've never seen. This makes the most routine visit to Sickbay an unexpected adventure.

Ensign Hoshi Sato - Played by Linda Park

Comm Officer. Japanese. Mid to late 20s. Striking and intelligent, Hoshi has a feisty spirit that often tests the patience of the crew. She's in charge of communications on Enterprise, but she also serves as ship's Translator. An expert in exo-linguistics, she learned to manipulate her vocal chords to emit a range of alien sounds no human has ever produced. She has a natural affinity for picking up languages. Hoshi doesn't like the idea of being trapped in a "tin can" hurtling at impossible speeds. Every time the ship jumps to warp she grips her console and closes her eyes. She's a "white knucke" space farer.