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Sunny Day Scrunchie

By Suzy Rigby Copyright 1998
1 ponytail elastic - I use large, but you could use small and thread
Sm amount main color yarn/thread
Sm amount contrasting color yarn/thread
Hook size needed to obtain a happy finish!
This is a SUPER quick scrunchie that you can make at the stoplights on the way to the birthday party!!! Whip up a bunch now for the last day of school gifts!!! The flower (s) will sit on top of the hair, with only the crocheted band to work up the ponytail. Great for those with thick hair that can't use the extra full scrunchies! Also great for the "end of the braid" scrunchies!
To start:
Sc onto ponytail elastic with your main color. It will also be the center of your flower. Sc to cover band with Red Heart yarn, it will be about 25 sc with a G Hook. Sl st to first sc to join. NOW, here's the fun part!!
Rnd 1: Ch 5. Sl st to first last sc on band to form ring. Ch 1, 10 sc in ring to form center of flower. Sl st to first sc , fasten off.
Rnd 2: Join contrasting color with sc in any sc of flower center. * Ch 2, skip next sc, sc in next ,around. Sl st to beginning to join.
Rnd 3: Sl st in first ch 2 space. Ch 1, sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc, sl st, ch 1 in each loop around. Fasten off! Couldn't be simpler!!!!
For a thread scrunchie, you could make additional flowers in the following manner.

After the you have completed Rnd 1 of the first flower, sl st along top of band 6 sts. Then, repeat rnd 1. Repeat as many times as needed for the amt of flowers wanted!
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