Adventure Master's Text Adventure Page
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Adventure Master's Text Adventure Page

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"You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building. Around you is a forest. A small stream flows out of the building and down a gully."

That is the start of an early text adventure "Colossal Cave - The Original Adventure"

This page is a tribute to all the persons who created and kept the text adventure alive. Computer text adventures started in the early 1960's. An early text adventure was Colossal Cave or Original Adventure by WOODS and CROWTHERS. It was based on the real colossal cave in the eastern U.S. One can search and find the original 350 point game as well as the 550 and 750 point ones.

It preceded Zork and many others
(including graphic games).

Image is "Flying Colors"'s nitemtn
(in 256 bits the waterflows and colors too),
rose is first image of Flying Colors 3000 plus stamps
(last rev. 20130727 1505)

The best virtual machine you have with you
(your mind).
Read, and live the adventure!

Some Text Adventures

  • Colossal Cave (the original Adventure - before ZORK)
  • Nord & Bert Couldn't Make Heads Nor Tail of It. (Puns Galore)
  • Other Infocom text Adventures (available in The Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces By Activision)
  • and Let us not forget Scott Adams Adventures

My Favorite Links

Colossal Cave Website run by Rick Adams --

MAGIC MOUSE = Maker of !!!GREAT!!! art program "FLYING COLORS" and label program "DISCUS"
(background from FC and used with permission)

Flying Colors review (links to artwork dont work)

For AERYAL's (Miguel Samiez) GREAT music (from Kyodai Mahjong and up coming albums)

NexusMedia Screensavers, GREAT 100 animated, 3D, and slideshow screensavers look for them on the web (site is dead)

StarMessage, moon phase and night sky screensaver

Mother Earth and other Howies Funware screen savers (site is dead)

Cool, Original 3D Windows Screensavers and Desktop Enhancements (only zip of all savers now)

Geek Superhero or Desktop Armor: Protect your computer - also home of GetRight downloader

ACS (Automated Composing System) make midi music just by chosing from the many styles of music
Music Laboratory makers of music programs

Email: Nogard0 at aol dot com
OR: ds00 at bigfoot dot com

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