“The Sovereign Grace Of God In Salvation”

By John Roden

This Audio Version of the book is read by Pastor William W. Sasser, Jr.,
Grace Church, Franklin, TN

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The Grace of God: What Does It Really Mean?

Appendix A: An Expanded Definition of the Grace of God

Why We So Desperately Need the Grace of God

Man's Original State

The Fall of Man

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The Tragic Results of the Fall of Man

1. We Are Under the Sentence of Death

2. We Are Under the Reign and Power of Sin

3. We Are Enemies and Rebels Against God

4. Our Hearts and Minds Are Blind and Corrupt

5. We Are Under the Power of Satan

6. We Are Unwilling and Unable to Turn to God

7. We Will Stand Before God on Judgment Day

8. We Are Under the Wrath of God

(a) A Biblical Description of Hell

(b) The Cross of Christ the Most Awesome Expression

of the Wrath of God

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The Sovereign Grace of the Triune God

1. The Tri-Unity of God

2. The God of Absolute Sovereignty

3. God Is Sovereign in the Exercise of His Grace

The Sovereign Grace of God the Father in Planning Salvation

God's Unbreakable "Chain of Sovereign Grace" in Romans 8:28-30

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The Sovereign Grace of God the Son in Providing Salvation

1. Blood Redemption in the Old Testament

—Blood Redemption in Christ First Revealed

in the Garden of Eden

(1) The Seed of the Woman

(2) The Coats of Skins

—Without the Shedding of Blood,

There Is No Remission of Sin

—Abel's "More Excellent Sacrifice"

—Blood Redemption in Christ the Central Truth

of the Bible

2. Blood Redemption in the New Testament

—As Sinners, We Have Two Desperate Needs Which Have       Been Met by the Lord Jesus Christ:

(1) Forgiveness and Pardon for Guilty Sinners

(2) A Perfect Righteousness for Guilty Sinners

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The Sovereign Grace of God the Holy Spirit in Applying Salvation

1. The Effectual Call and the New Birth

2. The Universal Call vs. the Effectual Call

3. What Is the New Birth?

4. What Happens When a Person Is "Born Again"?

(1) The Preparatory Work of the Holy Spirit

Prior to the New Birth

(2) The Revelation of Christ in the New Birth

3. The Evidences of the New Birth

(1) Repentance and Faith

(2) The Believer's Cry

(3) The Fruit of the Spirit

(4) The Evidences of the New Birth in 1st John

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The Sovereign Grace of God in Securing Salvation

1. From the Divine Perspective—Preservation

2. From the Human Perspective—Perseverance

3. What About Those Who Fall Away?

Final Words to the Reader

Appendix B: The Meaning of "Foreknow" in Romans 8:29


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